Steve and Annika

I'll let the pictures do the talking today :D This wedding was just perfect.

The bride room was an adorable, vintage room in the church!

Annika is the smiliest little lady ever! She has a HUGE, beautiful smile that's hard to take your eyes off of!

I couldn't pick between the next two...

Hello pretty :)

This is one of my favorites from the day:

Oooh so elegant

Sunshine and a Thunderbird never hurt a wedding day!

SUCH a 2009-dad ;)

Another favorite of the day (but not my true favorite... wait for it...)

Aww :) Makes me tear-up....

The church was stunning and has been seen on several TV shows!

So simple...

After the wedding, I was told there would be no more light, but we had about 10 minutes to spare so we RAN outside as quick as we could! We left the guests and family in the dust... so sorry about that haha

Ah, I love gentles kisses....

Once we were done, the little flower girl raced over to Annika and cheered and jumped in her arms. It was too precious!

So hot. Sizzlesizzle.

Last few moments of daytime....

Until we bring out the party lights!

Not gonna lie, this was a hard one to get with a 1.2 lens in pitch black light...

And this is my fave of the day
(special thank to Nathan Board who let me use his car headlights, as well as second shot with me)

The reception was held at Castaway's -- this was the view. Whoaooaoa.

There is something I just liked about this one:

The guys serenading the bride....

And "All the single ladies" waiting for the bouquet toss :D

It was a wonderful day and I couldn't be happier for you, Steve and Annika!
Enjoy the beach :D


  1. Oh, how beautiful! Kristen, I love your work! =D

  2. These are all AMAZING! I love them!! I love the shot where you see the bottom half of her dress. SO pretty! :)

  3. Kristen,

    Thank you so much for making my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law's wedding so wonderful. You were so sweet and nice and the pictures are simply gorgeous. They will love them!

    Thank you again,
    Brenna Round

  4. Wow, the one with them in the mirror and your favorite one are so creative and cool!!

  5. wow! i love the image of her from the back getting her makeup done and the image of them in the rear view mirror, very epic looking! you talent, as always, is amazing!

  6. Hi Kristen,
    I just popped over to check out your work after seeing that you were one of the lucky ones to grab a spot at Jasmine Star's Vegas Shoot - CONGRATS on that! These images are fantastic... I especially love the way you capture the little things, like putting on the necklace and the bottom of the Bride's dress... Just beautiful. Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Congrats on the shoot with Jasmine*!! Beautiful photos as well!!

  8. Dang chica. Your one heck of a photographer. I I think I need to make room for a new bookmark.

  9. ohohoh. i love her pretty! awesome job!

  10. Sweet wedding and great shots!!!! Hard to play favorites on this one, eh? ;-] Looking forward to meeting you in Vegas!


  11. This is SUCH a beautifully emotion-filled wedding that you captured perfectly! I can't wait to FINALLY meet you in Las Vegas!


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