I am kind of in the middle of a love triangle over here in Santa Clarita.
Mr. Cameron has been stealing my attention, making my heart skip a beat and causing me to giggle like a school girl.

Mr. Corban was crushed. I mean, we had only seen each other once, but he was hurt.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist his scrunchy little face. His grumpy little sighs. The petite dimples on his hands.

I love his fluffy, thin, long strands of hair. I love when he smiles in his sleep.

I love his smushy, soft cheeks and his crooked little ears.

Then again, you do have eyes that give me goosebumps. And a little giggle that could make butterflies seem tough.

Great, now I'M the one being ditched. Great.

Psh, and there's ANOTHER woman.

I'm outta here Cameron.

ps. I still really love you though. And Corban. Best boys in the earth.


  1. That little newborn is beyond adorable. Sigh. They get so big so fast.

  2. sometimes... bad things fly out of my mouth and you call me out on them on VIDEO chat in front of my wifey...

  3. i love the one where he's eating (i mean kissing) his brothers head!!


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