My First Day!

I've been singing these lines all day :D

"Heads Carolina, TAILS CALIFORNIA"

"Somewhere greener, somewhere warmer!"

Ah but the day didn't begin somewhere warmer... no, no.
It began at about 12:30 am when I discovered my flight to Burbank was changed from 8:00 am to 6:00 am - meaning I needed to leave my house at about 3:30 am. So, I just stayed up for the rest of the night :D

And put my little suitcases by the door. And said good-bye to Lydia again :D (cause once sometimes just isnt enough) and before long, I was at the airport, boarding a plane!

I sat across the aisle from a guy - he was made of concrete.
No, seriously, he was the biggest strongest guy I have ever seen and he scared the bajeebers out of me. It took me a good five hours to get the courage to take this pic haha

Aaaah! I am here! I am here! Hello California! I am here!

The airport in Burbank is super tiny, and I got to walk off the plane onto the tarmac - and you all know how much I love that :D

Wooohooo! And hooowooo! I was pretty thrilled to be standing right there :D

But by far the best part of the day was meeting Brienne's new little boy, Cameron Lee :D

He is a picture of health, with long blonde hair and big ol' feet! haha
I can't wait to hold him and hold him :D :D

Awww :D
Sleepy little kid :D

What a blessing and miracle.

Grandma and Grandpa (and my hosts for the next few days) were pretty thrilled too!

My heart just drops when I look at him. Life is amazing.

God is so amazing.

I love seeing Bree so happy :D Life is just good - and it was quite a first day in Cali!!!


  1. oooh man :) i'm happy that you're there safe.
    and that so far we've been able to text or chat every waking hour. speaking of which, we timed our awakeness pretty well this morning! holla

  2. so amazing kristen!! love you muchly!

  3. I will never forget that post you did with all the photos you took with your camera in the airport once. You make me laugh. Enjoy the sun!

  4. Anonymous26.1.09

    Kristen, The guy on the plane sleeping(Funny)
    Your becoming a real airplane paparazzi? LOL:)

    Hope your camera didn't wake him. I think he was peeking. lol

    Are you using Nikon or Canon and what kind of lens do you use?
    Can't wait to see more of California through your camera's eye!



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