Life these days...

My liiiiife. Oh goodness it's such a roller-coaster ride.
Sometimes everything goes from 60 to 160 in no time at all. It was fast before - ladies and gentleman, it is now flying!

Here's a little re-cap of what has been going on :D
First, our church had its annual youth banquet for the Juniors and Seniors in highschool. It's not prom, there isn't dancing and more then half of the people in attendance are parents. The banquet is a formal night for the kids specifically used to look back on the year and honor godliness. I have always LOVED attending the banquet, and now my friends and I are on a team that helps put the banquet on!
We had so much fun together - especially when we got to dress up and watch all the kids enjoy the evening! Banquet week almost turns into a full-time job and it gives me a better understanding of how all those wedding-planners out there feel ;) You guys really are amazing!

Next up in my life - is Emily and Charles (one of my best friends and her boyfriend).
Let's just say he liked it, so he put a ring on it ;D

They got engaged on Monday :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Emily called me and I cried. Her best friends met her at her house that night to hear all about it, cry, "awwwww" and begin wedding plans. The next morning we went wedding dress shopping.
For my friend.
And my friend was wearing a wedding dress.
Inside the wedding dress was my friend.
And she was picking a wedding dress for her wedding.
Because my friend is going to be married.
And she's my friend.

Ok, and last in this crazy week, I have been packing up for CALIFORNIA!
This trip has been planned for many months, and I finally am filling up my suitcase for California (ps. if anyone has an event where pink high heels would be fabulous, let me know. Because I am bringing them and don't know when I am going to where them.)

The reason I am going out there is to shoot a wedding for the oh-so-pregnant Brienne, who is kindly letting me live with her for the month :D Yes, the month. I will be on the West Coast until the end of WPPI (February 19th). I figured if I am going to be flying out, I might as well enjoy it for as long as I possibly can!

I have many open days, so if anyone is interested in lunch or a photoshoot please let me know! I've gotten lots of emails from some sweet people out there and I would just love to meet you :D
I'm definitley willing to drive too (trust me. After the 7 degree evening a few days back, I will happily do ANYTHING in sun. Drive? Yes. Plow fields? Yes. Go to Disneyland? YES.)

To see more details on all three of these things, check out the slideshow!

And don't worry brides! I am still working, so I will definitely be answering emails, scheduling shoots and taking phone calls! But all face-to-face meetings will have to be scheduled after February 19th :D


  1. You're SO CUTE.

    you know i love that song.
    see you soon girlie.

  2. Anonymous21.1.09

    oh my goodness girly! this is one of the cutest posts! i luv it! look at all the happiness!

  3. I'm so happy for Emily!!! I've known her and her family for years, they are good friends.......
    Have fun in Cali and at WPPI!!! I'm jealous, but the nice jealous :D
    Love ya crazy face :D:D

  4. aww :) yeah for you!! haha... 23/62 in your slideshow... my parents having conversations :) haha. that was a surprise to see them here!

  5. loooveee this post!

    but i'm going to miiisssss your face while you are off in cal getting a tan and i'm shivering in the coldness of homework and md weather.

    :) Court

  6. I am Beth Wethje's older sister in Idaho! I absolutely love your pics! If we come back to visit I hope you are free to shoot some family photos. Anyway, just put on a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and wear those cute pink heels. Why wait for something. Have fun!

  7. I know you said you're willing to drive, but I'm not sure if you had Grass Valley in mind. ;-) But if you just so happen to be up this way, I'd love to meet you in person!

  8. Have fun in Cali! (So jealous!) I'm hoping to do WPPI next year! =)

  9. Have fun in Cali, I'm sure I'll see you in Vegas!

  10. Do my eyes deceive me? Is that a Canon strap I see? I thought you shot Nikon?!

    Have fun in CA, girl! :)

  11. I've been following your blog now for a while - I love it! I found you from the Kless' blog (I was their CG leader with Drewbie, back in the day.) I'm out at the Sovereign Grace Church in San Diego now, with my hubbie. If you decide to venture down our way (it's BEAUTIFUL!!), you have a place to stay and maybe a could talk you into a little photo shoot!
    Jess A.

  12. Come to San Diego and cruise the lo.n.g. boardwalk on bicycles (I have extra) WITH our fun and so much to see!!!!!


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