Christmas Post Part III

Psalm 126:2
Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy;
then they said, 'The Lord has done great things.'

It's about time I finished my Christmas posts, agreed?
This final post is about Christmas morning with my family. I did a little post about our Christmas morning last year, too.
These mornings of joy, celebration, glittering eyes and laughter are easy ones to remember to "treasure."

Everyone still has their squinty, blinky, "morning" eyes. And their hair is tussled, voices are gruff but excited. The family room is warm, my dad is making jokes, my mom is horrified "AAlllan!"

I'm taking pictures. Timmy looks for food. Katie smells really good. And the four youngest can hardly think straight, let alone sit down. Some of them wear little footie pajamas, even though they are getting pretty big for those. These are sweet times.

We have all the perfectly, beautifully wrapped presents, that were picked by mom and paid for by dad (he doesn't let us forget that ;D)

And then there are the gifts that the kids wrapped - sometimes the wrap job looks like a serious wound. Other times it looks like a bandage for a serious wound. To wrap these presents, the kids wasted tape, ripped paper, cut at the wrong place and took a long time. But seeing their care, excitement, genuine joy... oh, I wouldn't trade those extra minutes for anything in the world.

My babies are getting so big :( Stay little, please.

My dad being... dad. He was posing for a picture for me. You are just soooOOoo funny ;)

I think back to this time last year. Christmas 2007. Where I was at, what was going on in my life, the questions I had, the events I was looking forward to - my goodness, what a year it has been!

On Christmas Day 2008 I had the distinct impression that this coming year would be a big year in my life. I think a lot is going to happen this year, and I think it's going to be a year full of God's kindess and grace, as well as Him helping me put my "big girl" shoes on and walk with me through some hard roads. I don't know what will happen, I don't know what I will look back at Christmas 2009. But I know without a question in my mind that I will be able to sing with joy "The Lord has done great things!"

Oh! By the way, do you all remember that "green dress" post from last year? My aunt sent me one she found as a joke haha I think it was my favorite present this year - it's definitley a kid's size 14, but I put it on for a quick picture. SO funny :D


  1. hahahahaha. still funny. (hey dad, nice sweatshirt...)

  2. I love the gift wrapping! That is so how my gifts looked like as a kid, probably because my mom knew we'd sneak a peak any way so why wrap them up all nice to start with!

  3. ...yeah but doesn't it make you feel great that you could 'almost' fit back into a 14? =D

    anyway...I tagged you for a photo tag...I don't usually like these things but this one is different.:

    1. Choose the 4th folder where you store photos on your computer.
    2. Select the 4th photo in that folder (no cheating - cropping, editing, etc.).
    3. Explain the photo.
    4. Tag 4 other people to do the same

  4. so cute. my daughter has that hippo pj's too.


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