Christmas Post Part II

This second Christmas post is more of a "New Years Post", I guess, but I thought about this Christmas day :D
There is a Gilmore Girls episode called "Luke Can See Her Face." For those of us who don't watch the show, here is a quick re-cap: Luke and Lorelai are great, great friends. GREAT friends. And everyone knows that they will eventually end up together as a couple (they do) but Luke is always scared to take the next step, what if she doesn't feel the same way? what if their great friendship is ruined? You get the idea.

In the 4th season he has a "break-through" moment which is the following scene. (It's only a minute long).  It gave me the idea of this post, and it's also pretty much adorable - def watch it :D

When I saw this again,  I grabbed 30 pictures of the 30 brides.
I have looked at this collage many times. You ladies all have 30 different stories, 30 different homes, 30 different pasts and 30 different futures.

I love looking at your 30 different faces.

Your 30 beautiful smiles.
And being a part of your 30 wonderful weddings.

Oh, but you all are so much more then "faces." You have trusted me, befriended me, laughed with me, taught me and you also happened to hire me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Hadiya, Cheryl, Beth, Hannah, Jennefer, Jennifer, Alycia, Heather, Brooke, Fayleen, Danielle, Kena, Val, Kate, Sarah, Kristen, Christie, Nia, Shaina, Mel, Brittany, Shanda, Colleen, Pami, Stephanie, Amanda, Angie, Tashia, Kristin and Debbie. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!

To quote Luke from the last line in that clip: "Whoa."

Whoa. What a crazy, wonderful, undeserving year I had!  God is so kind to me!


  1. 30 WEDDINGS. WOW.

    P.S. I'm addicted to Gilmore Girls. Have all 7 seasons on DVD, seen every episode probably 6 or 7 times. No joke. It's favourite. ;)

  2. Beautiful. I love seeing them all! So much fun!

  3. Jennifer4.1.09

    Thank you Kristen! You and Armin did a wonderful job with my wedding! Happy New Year!! =)

  4. How fun, Kristen! Thanks again for shooting our wedding...I think I've looked at the pictures from that day 100 times since June. =) Such sweet memories.

  5. Anonymous17.11.09

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