Nia and Kenan!

"I fell in love, in love,
With you suddenly.
Now there's no place else,
I could be, but,
Here in your arms "

Yesterday was just a beautiful, beautiful day. I had the absolute, complete pleasure of working with Samara of By Design Events. She blew me away once again! Seriously, brides, hire her!

Ok, Nia and Kenan! I arrived at the hotel where Nia was getting ready, and I knew that the day was going be fabulous. She was more than glowing. I think I new word needs to be invented to describe "that" look a bride has. It seriously hard to stop looking at her! (This shot is the famous David Jay shot - I finally got one I liked! haha)

I had to post this again :D

Her dress.was.gorgeous. And it was made by my favorite designer Justin Alexander!

A happy, casual portrait :D

Looooove this one! It's about the real moments, ladies and gentlemen :D Sometimes you do what you gotta do haha

They had a wonderful little group playing the music. It was stunning!

She was telling us that she was just "a very little bit nervous" :D aaaw!

Oh hello happiness!

This is a sweet moment from the ceremony. It was like no one else even existed at that second.

Congratulations you two! Thank you for having me on your big day! Enjoy the show :D

ps: oh! I like this one too :D It's fun when the guests are "snap-happy" hahah


New things are on the waaaaay!

So. as you can see the blog is looking a little different.... it's getting ready to match the new website that officially has a launch date! August 20!!! Which also happens to be someone's birthday... hmmmm.....

I have been working hard on branding, web design, products & presentation as well as booking some awesome clients! I think this next year is going to be awesome! I can't imagine a better year than this past one, but it looks promising!

Oh goodness, what is this? It's so hard to see.... ;D

In other news, I received an email from blogged.com congratulating me for my high score after their editors review! I know it means nothing, cause I am sure they send it out to everyone, but I was pretty excited :D

To cap off this little post, here is my favorite picture from yesterday's wedding! The slideshow and rest of the pictures will be up tomorrow!


Alathea and Abby!

This post is a little on the short side (hahah that was a pun). Anyways, I am leaving for the day - in about three hours - and I was determined to get this post up before I left!

Alathea and Abby are two of the cutest girls God has ever made. You may remember Alathea from last year (the post is here) and I was so excited when her mom called me again this year! Here are some favorites :D

This one is probably my favorite from the whole day :D I love her little strap falling off her shoulder, and her big baby head and her fat little legs. And don't even get me started on her hand-sucking. Babies are the best :D

And here is the show!


Kristin and Jon

"My heart is poundin'
yes yes yes...
My love is so articulate
But I am such a mess"

Yesterday evening Kristin married Jon in an elegant, romantic ceremony held at our church.
There were so many little details that made the day special to me. One of the "special moments" was when I arrived at Kristin's house, where all the girls were getting pretty :D I went into her bedroom. A typical, college-girl, athletes room - trophy's and plaques from swimming, magazines, pictures of friends in frames, shoes, backpack, shopping bags. Oh, and a wedding dress. No big deal :)

Though I have never been close with Kristin, I have known her my whole life. Actually, 7 years ago to the day, she was in a wedding of a close family friend. She was 14 and a junior bridesmaid. I was 12 and a guest. I would have never, ever dreamed that I would be photographing her wedding that very day a few years down the road!

Oh, did I mention that Kristin is beautiful? Model-beautiful. But probably the most humble and gentle human you could meet! Another high-light of the day was seeing an all-time-favorite bride Val (her wedding, her first engagement shoot aaand her second engagement shoot). Val is second to left in this picture:

Hahaha oh the boys. Groomsmen are always great fun

Yes, I know. I used this wall again. It's just that good :)

Aaaaw. Aaaw. Aw :) I've said it before, and I'll say it again my favorite part of the wedding is right before the bride walks down the aisle. She is usually bouncing up and down laughing or looking away determined not to cry. The dad is all emotional and sweet holding his daughters arm. The guests are waiting, the music starts to climax. The groom is waiting, and sweating, and swaying in his rented shoes. The moment is here - literally seconds away. I love that part :)

"You know how the bride makes her entrance and everybody turns to look at her? That’s when I look at the groom. Cause his face says it all you know? The pure love there."
-- Jane from 27 Dresses

[that's the sound I make when I get lens flare inside.]

Yay! They are marrrrried!

And one last note: Kristin's mom and the team of volunteers who decorated did an absolutely OUTstanding job. I have been at many, many, many (probably too many) events in this gym. Yes, this big humongous, basketball gym. You would never guess that this is a sports venue - it looked like a hotel! Or better! Wonderful job!


Danielle and Michael!

Phew! I am finally blogging this wedding from a few weeks ago! Sorry it took quite a bit :(

Danielle and Michael were actually celebrating 10 years of marriage with a vow-renewal ceremony.

The event took place at a beautiful old house behind Georgetown. I was speechless. It was incredible!

Ten years of bliss!

Click here for the show! I hope you enjoy it!


Monica and Milton!

You may remember the beautiful 25th anniversary party in Mexico I had the honor to shoot back in April. Carlos and Kena have been married happily for 25 years, and just a few weeks ago their daughter Monica got engaged :D I knew I was going to be in Mexico for the missions trip, so I jumped at the chance to do an engagement shoot with her and her fiance!

**Edit** Check Monica's older sisters blog, Ana Rebeca Photography, to see some awesome shots she grabbed!

There is a bit of a dangerous war in Mexico right now, and because of that I was not allowed to leave the orphanage we were staying at. Monica and Milton happily met me there and we had so, so much fun running around!

If I could take the light from that hour and bring it home, I would. It was simply unreal. Plus, these two little love-birds were a piece of cake to shoot!

Oh Mexico. Thank you for being so beautiful. Can you give Maryland a quick lesson?

I love, love, love, love colors.

Annnd here is the slideshow!

Oh! This a fun little tidbit from Memory Lane: two years ago when I was on the missions trip, a group of us built an over-hang outside the childrens room.

I think it makes an excellent backdrop for pictures :D Pretty much every single piece of wood you see was measured by me. And it hasn't collapsed yet! Yay!

Congratulations Monica and Milton! I am so excited for you and all that the future holds!


Missions Trip 2008

Psalm 96

"Oh, sing to the Lord a new song!"

"Bless His name,
Tell of His salvation from day to day"

"Declare His Glory among the nations,
His marvelous works among all peoples!"

"Splendor and majesty are before Him!"

"Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary"

"Ascribe to the Lord, glory and strength!"

"Ascribe to the Lord, the glory due His name!"

"Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness!"

"Tremble before Him, all the earth!"

"Say among the nations, 'The Lord reigns!'"

Well, I kind of disappeared for a bit - I meant to do a little post before I left, but that was one (out of quite a few) to-do list bullets that didn't get done. But, I am here now. And I am here to tell you about where I went :D

{photo credit to The Glabs, who "live-blogged" in Mexico if you would like see!}
Last Monday I left with our church youth group for Guadalupe, Mexico to be a part of a Missions Trip. I was part of the "Kids" team and we led Vacation Bible School for the orphans. I have been a couple times before as a youth and the trip always proves to be hard, humbling and amazing. This year was no different, except maybe harder, more humbling and more amazing then past years.

I have so much to say, so many memories, so many stories, and so many ways I could tell you about how good God is. It feels silly to try to blog about a trip like this. I wish I could get everything that's running through my brain into a nice, meaningful little paragraph, but that is just not going to happen. So, watch the slideshow and may it draw you to think more about God and His incredible kindness, love and glory!

And even though I don't know where to start, I do need to honor certain people!
First, the two pastors who led the trip, Matt and Adam (left and middle). THANK YOU for sacrificing time from your family, your work and your regular life to serve and lead us! I deeply respect you!
And Dean, (right) who runs the Ranch where the kids live. I honestly am left speechless and humbled by you and your family. It is an honor to meet and know you. (And Jeremiah [bottom]. thank you for wanting to be a "fisher of men" like your daddy! Even if you wouldn't have rescued me, if that buffalo attacked ;D)

And to the people who led VBS - Ally, Neal and Julie. You three blew me away with your servants hearts, genuine love for the kids and incredible work ethic. You have no idea how much I learned from just watching you this week!

Ally and Chris, you guys also get a special thanks :D Thank you for bearing with teasing and for doing so much to join this trip and serve! The rewards are eternal!!!

Speaking of teasing... ;D

Look forward to an engagement shoot in Mexico, as well as a wedding from before I left and a family shoot! Woot! This blog is going to be busy this week!