Shanda and Sonny

I can't stand how awesome my job is.

Yesterday, Shanda, Sonny, his daughter Angelina and I braved the ferocious cold and headed to the lovely little town of Annapolis for an engagement/family shoot.

Ladies and gentleman, it was tremendously cold. And windy. Good thing they had their love to keep them warm? ;D I only had my mismatched gloves and knock-off Uggs.

I was so impressed, proud and excited that they were able to take off their "my face is being eaten by an ice monster" faces, and be so sweet and photogenic! Shanda, you looked fabulous!

Little Angelina had a harder time with the cold, but she was so well-behaved! She has an amazing relationship with her dad, and Shanda too (It's adorable because she calls Shanda "Panda." "Panda, I am really cold. And a little bit hungry. Can we be done, Panda?")


I for some reason love this one:

Shanda wore THE awesome red scarf! It looks killer in all the pictures, and was so fun to play with!

Ok, this one toootally reminds me of a Kay Jewelers Commercial, or something. Pretty romantic :D

I think this is my favorite shot from the day - and I didn't even mean to take it.
It captures them so well - the decor around them is colorful and simple. They are happy and teasing each other with playful banter and a light-hearted slap. And Shanda is holding Sonny's jacket.
I loved how she would do that. All throughout the shoot I noticed that she loved to cling onto his coat - when they were walking, when the were kissing, when they were laughing, when they were freezing.
I thought it was quite precious :D

They adore their red Mini! And each other! That means that this picture is adorable!

I think our blood almost froze inside of us at this point, but the boats sure were lovely!

And one last shot: This is where they had their very first kiss way back.
(ps. See her hand grabbing his coat? Told ya :D )

I had a blast with you guys and can't wait for your rocking, vintage wedding in a few weeks!
Enjoy the slideshow :D


  1. Kristen...
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog :) I love that prayer also (obviously since I posted it:P) but it is always fun having someone comment and let you know that they read and appreciate what you have posted!

    I have been following your blog for a while, and love it! I am an aspiring Photog, and I am always on the lookout for other good Photog's so that I can look at what they are doing and try and learn from it.

    I think your work is beautiful...I especially love the way you work with lighting, it is so awesome!

    And last but not least I really appreciate your love for the Lord, and the way it comes out in all you do.

    And, while I was here I thought I could go ahead and introduce myself: )
    I am 19 years old, Oldest of 7 kids, was homeschooled my whole in Austin TX, and don't really like it that much, I much prefer Chicago where I lived for a while before moving to Austin in May of this year.

    So those are some basics...God bless you and all your work!


  2. Oh.... these are too beautiful! You did an awesome job on these... even through the harsh elements! haha

  3. you're amazing!! your pictures are amazing!!!....

  4. Lauren Lotinsky8.12.08

    Great job, Kristen! I love the one's on her red minnie cooper.

  5. dang, yesterday was way too cold for photoshoot!

  6. You make the outdoors looks so warm.

  7. Fun and playful. Show sooo much relationship. love that. they dont even look cold either! Thanks for commenting on my blog. dont know how you might have found it but was delighted and glad to find yours. Love your work. will stop by often. thanks.

  8. Good job, everyone looks like that are having such a good time!!

  9. Hey Kristen! I can't even remember how I found your blog, but I love checking it out every few days and seeing your newest posts. Your pictures are amazing! I love how you tell people's stories through your photography. Also, your taste in music isn't so bad either=)


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