Garrett and Elise got engaged!

Wow. What a day. Whaaat a day.
I'm trying to figure out how to begin the post.
Should I start back almost six years ago when they started to like each other - as little highschool sophomores? Two summers ago when Garrett kept staring at Elise at our youth-team meeting? Last October when they officially began dating? My little heart-to-heart with Elise when she told me that she couldn't imagine her life without Garrett? Or maybe a few Saturdays ago when Garrett told me 'It's happening the 19th - can you be there?'"

Psh. I don't know. Maybe I can just start the day of. December 19, 2008. It was a wet, dark, cold, gloomy day in Maryland. I woke up early and got everything ready for my 3-hour-drive to Williamsburg, VA. I knew the plan, I knew the place, I knew the time. I just had to get there. After arriving, I met up with Garrett and his whole family and we drove into the amazing, beautiful, historic, wonderful, cozy little town of Williamsburg.

The rained had completely stopped, and the sun was starting to peak through. And Garrett was very, very excited. Ohsoexcited.

He walked me to "the spot" and gave me a few final insructions. And he was off to get get Elise for their "quick walk before dinner." I waited and waited. I sat behind a well. And waited.

AAAAAaaaAAAwwwww happened :D

I've gotten to know Garrett, and Elise especially, well over the last year. They are both hard workers, who love their Savior, their church and their families. I have learned so much from them as singles and as a couple about patience, trusting God, being faithful to the tasks set before you and being adorable when you are in love :D

Looking at these pictures gives me goosebumps. They are so incredibly happy :D

After the got engaged, the first thing I heard Garrett say was "What's that line from Elf? 'I'm in love! I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it!'"

Elise checking out her blingbling. If you were to describe Elise's style, it would be definitley be something like "Beyonce's Golden Christmas" ;) juuust kidding (inside joke)

Oh, and dear friends. As they walked to dinner, the sky turned pink. I LOVE when the sky is pink. It was one of the most amazing pink skies I have ever seen. My heart started to race it was so beautiful.

And since it had rained, the wet streets and buildings reflected the pink-ness everywhere. It was like an old watercolor painting. I can't imagine a better evening to get engaged!

That is so happy :) :) When Elise was walking, she kept sighing these big, long, sweet sighs. Then she would burst out laughing and put her hand on her head and be like "I can't believe this!" Then she would be really, really quiet. Until you heard another long sigh....

After they got engaged, Elise and Garrett had dinner with all their parents and siblings (and me haha) at a splendid old tavern. We even got a special house to eat in! It was totally seperate from the restaurant - we literally sat in an old dining room in a little house all by ourselves, in a room lit by six candles. It was amamamazing.

That food. Oh my, the food. It was miarcle food, I think. It was SO good.

In Williamsburg, the staff dresses and talks just like they did back in 1776 :D It's too much fun! During dinner this man came in and played some lovely tunes for us! I enjoyed it so much!

They also had a little army parade down the street with flutes and drums - cuuuuute!

And one last picture of Elise with her mom - and Matron of Honor :D You two have an amazing relationship. What a joy!

Congratulations Elise and Garrett! Enjoy the slideshow AND the song you picked :D

I hope you two are happier then you ever thought you could be, and I am thrilled that you two are finally engaged - after alllll those years!


  1. afl;jf;lksajf
    no words

  2. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

  3. seriously no words. i feel like i just read a Cinderella story.

  4. Anonymous20.12.08

    HHHAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! ah! when garrett told me I literally freeked out! great job with the photos!

  5. yeah. the "no words" sentiment captures it fully. for me, it's mostly wordless utterances of glee such as, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" i literally screamed when i got the text from elise. for a good 30 seconds. i screamed at the top of my lungs and jumped up and down. the whole house came out of their rooms and were like "WHAT HAPPENED?!"
    garrett and elise are my favorites. in the world. ohmy.
    (gee, that was a lot of words for not having any)

  6. I have words. Thank you, Kristen for capturing a sweet memory, not only for Garrett and Elise, but for both the Mays and Ricucci families. We are grateful.

    (Aren't those two just the cutest things you ever saw?!?!)

  7. this is my favorite slideshow ever.

    So This is Love and Beyonce's Golden Christmas. what could be better?

  8. Love that first collage!! Garrett and Elise's pictures are so sweet!

  9. YAY!!!!!!!
    I'm extremely happy for them!!! Great job capturing that special moment!!

  10. This made me cry...nice. (I'm a friend of Jean's.)

  11. man! tears are flowing of sweet joy for these two! praise the Lord... they're finally engaged! ;)

  12. i jumped up and down and was like "realy really realy reallllllllyyyy!!!!????" i was oh so happy when i heard. oh man. little tears of joy for both of them. :D :D :D :D

  13. What a sweet relationship. This is my favorite post ever :) (I love your photography and am a faithful blog stalker!) Keep up the great work.

  14. I am SOOO excited for these two! My heart is so happy for them!

    Elise, just in case you forgot...YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!YAY :-)

    Great job as always Kristen!

  15. Anonymous22.12.08

    awww...that is soo sweet!
    What a perfect day the Lord made for them. :)
    Perfect song too. haha

    Great festive pictures Kristen. I love to stop by and see what you've gathered of a day.

    Thanks for sharing your work with us all. You are one of my top art bloggers that I visit regularly.

  16. Hello Kristen,
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents! Your photography is AMAZING! Me and my sister (hope) love visiting your blog! It makes us so happy to see other people happy and in love! This has been our favorite post so far! They seem SO FULL of the joy that only Christ can give!

    My older sister is getting married and we jokingly said that you could do it, we live about 600 miles away(that is how we LOVE your style!)!

    May God bless you! Keep up the good work!

  17. George and I have known Elise since she was an infant (in our church in Columbia, Md.). We have watched her grow up (though from a distance, at times), but through our granddaughter, Ashley, we have been kept up to date. We rejoice at this beautiful unfolding of God's will. To find the partner of God's choosing is the greatest blessing on earth (after salvation). Prepare for a great adventure!! We love you - Patsy Taylor


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