Brooke and Nathan

For the very first time, I am speechless.
Usually - no always - on my blog, I am the one who writes. I tell you about the couple, share my personal favorite moments of the day, and so on.
Well, today, I am going to let my bride, Brooke, and her now-husband-Nathan guest blog. I get teased a bit for the over-the-top-romantic (also referred to as "cheesy") things I say on my blog, but I stand behind everything I say and personally like all that kind of stuff.
I have met my match.
I cannot come up with anything better to say then what Brooke and Nathan told me about themselves in the "About Us" section of their contract. When I read what they wrote, I got chills. "If this is what they say in a quick formality for their photographer, I can only imagine what they will be like at their wedding!" I wasn't dissapointed - they are an exceptional couple.
But, I will let Brooke and Nathan take it from here:

"[The feel of our wedding is] elegance, simplicity, intimate yet formal."

(This is a quick Kristen interruption. I will post on this a bit later this week, but I did buy all new camera equipment, and this was my first wedding using all of it. I was getting a little tired of Jessica and Jasmine and yourmom raving about the 50mm 1.2, so I had to see for myself. I bought it.
And all of you people who told me it was like butter? Away with you! Off with your head!
It's more like melted butter whipped with liquid silk thoughtfully blended in a bowl made of... clouds. And dripped onto the background of pictures like the background is warm cake. Butter my foot. End interruption)

2. What do you love about your bride?
"Brooke burns with energy."

"Brooke has the most strikingly sophisticated profile and visage I’ve ever seen."

"Her personality complements her formidable appearance with approachability, openness, ease, and energy.
I love this impossible combination."

"Make sure you capture her eyes (if such a thing were possible)."

4. How did he propose?
"('Exactly as I would have wanted!' - Brooke) He intercepted Brooke in New York on a train back to DC from New England."

"He took her to Central Park. They hired a horse and buggy. They trotted into the meadows. He pulled out a book of plays. He read a passage about creation finding its purpose, fulfillment. He told her that with her, creation would become complete. He held her hand and asked if she would marry him. She said yes. They both cried."

"He gave her the most beautiful ring a man ever designed."

We intend to express our Faith in Christ..."

(sorry, me again. I just LOVE the kiss! Adorable :D )

"Make sure you capture the golden fall of her hair. Mountain streams lament for its beauty."

(Hi :D I just had to say - it was ridiculously cold. Coldcoldcoooold. But Brooke and Nathan were determined to get to The National Christmas Tree for at least a few pictures. Brooke kept telling me "It's worth it! Good pictures are worth the cold!" Man, do I have fantastic brides, or what?)

"We love to embrace, even when it makes a walk down the street or a visit to a couch a bit impractical."

"We love the theater, together."

"We love traveling together. A picnic together. An aimless walk in a sculpture garden together. "
"We love our time in God’s Word together."
"Everything that we do, we now want to do together."

"Nathan is the most brilliant man I have ever encountered. I love that when he wears his glasses (Prada) he looks like the most brilliant man I’ve ever encountered."

"I love that when he doesn’t wear his glasses, he looks like a little preppy boy (Roman nose, movie star hair)."

"[The feel of our wedding includes] our enjoyment and experience in fine things – Europe, classical piano and song, roses, white marble, candelabras."

Oh my my my.

The big Christmas tree outside Old Ebbitt Grill made for some wonderful bokeh! Yay!

One of my favorite "exit" pictures of all time:

Also one of my favorite exit vehicles of all time: a classy vintage limo. So awesome!

Alright, after all that love and joy, here is their slideshow! Brooke and Nathan, your wedding is simply amazing - and God was so glorified! It was "overwhelmingly wonderful" :D

And special, special thanks to Kip from Kip Pierson Photography and Andree from Andree Kless Photography for shooting with me! You guys were great!


  1. oh kristen leigh...
    they look so lovely. and i heart the new cam/lens.

  2. Wow, GIRL. First of all, congrats on the new lens! Holy cow! I'm eyeing the 35mm f/1.4, but I'm pretty happy with my 50 f/1.4 right now. ;) SECOND, that dress shot and that shoe shot? Wow! This wedding was one of my all-time favs of yours. You improve with every post. Ridiculous!

  3. Amazingly beautiful...Love it love it love it!
    gorgeous bride, handsome groom, and you managed to capture "Them" perfectly. I feel like I know them after looking through your pics :)

    also, I love all the "over-the-top-romantic-stuff" you say on is always so creative and fits so well with each post, don't ever stop!
    God bless.

  4. Oooh I loved this post Kristen!

  5. These are so cute!! I LOVE THEM! That lens looks amazing!! That would be nice to have..oh well, someday. ;)

  6. Kristen, I just have to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE your work! I've been following your blog for a while, and I just can't get enough! I would love for you to shoot my wedding, but I live in Florida...And I'm not getting married for at least another year. Keep up the good work! =)

  7. Kristen, I LOVE your stuff :) I was just wondering what you altered in order to make your photos larger on the blog... while using Blogger...?
    Mine are a bit smaller and I was just hoping SOMEONE could let me in on this little secret :) Thanks, Cassidy

  8. The shoe shots and how you shared what they wrote combined with the rest of the beautiful photography make this one of my favorite posts of yours!


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