Shaina and Brandon

"Kiss me in sweet slow motion
Let's let everything slide
You've got me floating
You've got me flying high"
-- faith hill

I love how I get to meet new people. It's one of the best parts of my job. How did I meet Shaina? Well, my friend's friend's mom's prayer partner's daughter is Shaina. Did you follow that? I know I didn't haha

I actually didn't get to meet Shaina until the wedding day, but I feel like I have known her, her family and friends for much longer. Everyone made me feel so welcome and I got to hear a dozen different versions of how Shaina and Brandon fell in love.

They have one amazing story, that's for sure. They met at culinary school (and believe you me, I have been thinking of "chef puns" all weekend. "Looked what they cooked up." "She was sizzling." "What a ham!"). Anyways, they met and Shaina was just horrified at this annoying boy at school. She told her family all about how much he annoyed her. But he saw something different in her. Different then any other girl. He was intrigued and he wasn't going to go down without a fight. He just had to get to know her better.

In an effort to be kind, Shaina invited Brandon to church. Excited to do anything with her, he went. Slowly as their friendship grew, and Brandon learned more and more about her, he realized her faith and love for God set her apart. Eventually, he gave his life to the Lord at Shaina's church.

Through her example and character, Brandon was changed. Now, he is a godly man who is leading his new wife! But before that goodness happens, we must back up.

Here is Shaina's dress. How old Hollywood glamorous. right? I loved it!

She pulled off the look flawlessly.


Even when she walked it looked amazing!

I love this one of the girls!

And I musn't leave the boys out - here's my favorite of them:

Before we get to the ceremony, I have to show you these cute little cards that guests received when they arrived! They are Shaina and Brandon's favorites! I love personal touches like that!

Wedding time! Brandon definitley wins the best "seeing his bride" face. How precious!!

He seriously couldn't stop looking at her...

Rings! Yahhoo!

Be sure to check the slideshow for more ceremony pictures... but here is the new couple!

I love this one a lot

This was my favorite part of the entire day, and it's honestly moments like these that make me adore my job. After the wedding, and after we did some picture of the bride and groom, they were waiting in the lobby to greet guests. All of a sudden, Shaina burst into loud tears and just hugged Brandon. A big, tight, happy hug.

He pulled her into the corner of the room and talked to her, and kissed her. He made her laugh and smile and then they hugged and kissed some more! It was such a real moment. Unscripted and just genuine emotion!

And some dances pictures (no flash needed! woohoo! Always a plus!)

Watching Shaina twirl in her dress made me... want to wear her dress and twirl too. It so pretty!!

Good night! And congratulations!

Here is the show :D


  1. nice job Kristen! my fav by far is of the back of the bride's dress in the parking the composition!

  2. Anonymous11.11.08

    love that you sneaked into the slide show. too funny

  3. Anonymous11.11.08

    i know, that's what i was going to say! i mean, you really don't get enough credit. :)

    love you.

  4. I live in Richmond and was at Shaina's wedding and i just have to say you are an amazing photographer!! great job. they are gorgeous pictures. :)

  5. Anonymous19.11.08

    Wow what Beautiful pictures & what a cute cuple!

    They both look so amazing!


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