Oh boy.

I'm a little behind in posting, but you should actually be really proud of me, because I am getting SO much work done! I am not sure where this week went.
I'm about two seconds from walking out the door, as I am headed to Richmond for a wedding. It's going to be a beautiful day :D

Here are a few sneak peaks for my fabulous clients who wait so patiently to get some blog-love :D

Tiffany and Ralph are getting married next Memorial Day. Isn't she stunning?

They love to laugh!

Aw :D They are just a beautiful, well-behaved, wonderful family!

I had a blast just walking around and playing with these guys!

Aaaaand, this little guy was from Halloween... I want to grow up to be as cool as him :)

With that, I wish you happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous8.11.08

    First one's blown out and out of focus..

  2. Anonymous10.11.08

    to the point of anonymous above - several (dare I say most?) of them are not sharp. The white balance is also pretty bad on most of the color photos as well. The photo of the child holding two adults hands looks like as if one were to overexpose and under-develop a BW negative, which really just gives you a flat image, and realy isn't a desirable effect. But don't take anything I say to heart, what do I know.

  3. Thanks so much for your thoughts! I actually tried two new actions I never had before (guess they didn't fly so well :D) and I was pretty rushed when I posted this! haha I guess you can tell! But thanks for saying something!

    And please don't feel like you have to be anonymous to say something constructive! That's great and what blogs are for!

  4. If you go through the rest of this blog you will see that Kristen's work is extremely professional. Kristen is better than most photographers twice her age with twice the experience she has now.
    Part of growing and becoming better is trying new things. Some times our experments work and well other times they don't. We should encourage her to keep experimenting with new things. Who wants to look at the same editing, and posing? Thanks for trying new things.
    Maybe you could try playing a little more with those pictures, see how you could improve them a little more.

  5. Kristen, i love how you captured Harry! He looks so cute in that picture! I actually really like the effect on that picture even if it does make it a little flat.

    (this is anna l. btw)

  6. Anonymous19.11.08

    What a cute family!
    I love the Pictures
    Espeasialy the last one its Soooooo cute!


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