Nyah and Ryder

"now i'm trying to lose this attachment
my addiction to your smile"
-- brian birdwell

Jess and Neil had their baby boy, Ryder, two weeks ago! Of course we must have pictures :D

I love this one:

But it wasn't super easy to get ;D

Jess loves his "denim blue" eyes. We're all hoping they stay that color!

Aww.guh. How can you not just want to kisssss that?

I think looks like a little gerbil in this one haha

Nyah was exceptionally eager to have her picture taken! Fine by me! Isn't she just beautiful?

What an angel, right? ;)

And a few outside:

Jess this outfit - I do too! How cute?

I love this kid hahaha

Congratulations! Enjoy the show!


  1. love, love, love them! Thanks again girl...you are awesome!

  2. how cutie cute are they.

  3. Anonymous16.11.08

    awww...too cute!

  4. I ran across you blog and was amazed by your awesome pictures! Keep up the great work! Blessings!

  5. Anonymous19.11.08

    CUTIES! IN Real life & the pictures


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