My favoritefavoritefavorite:

I like this girl Sarah a whole lot. She has become such a wonderful friend over the past year or so. She was down here actually doing a favor for me.

We had to do a little shoot with my bestie, Lydia, before she went home. Beth also came down, but left before this shoot happened. Try to insert her face in a few pictures if you can ;D

Sarah Corncake Barlow, thank you for helping me get around my hometown, for laughing really hard all the time and for being allergic to pizza ;D
Love ya!

And the ferosh Lydia Jane. I'm keeping her on a very tight leash, so boys, back off!

Ahem. Here is my favorite one of me. I am such a three-year-old.

Being awesome? Why yes, thank you very much.

And no shoot is complete without the face game! Here we have a number of different faces, including: eating sour skittles, getting all green lights on your way home, creepy faces, being a mouse for Halloween and a few that I am not going to share ;D

You really should watch the slideshow. There is one really funny segment where Lydia jumps. It's so worth it haha


  1. SOO STINKIN FANTASTIC! Those photos are adorable. You guys are way way way too beautiful.

  2. aw man! why didn't you call me to be in this photographer club photo shoot? i feel left out. haha jk jk yall look beautiful!

  3. These are so fun! Love the yellow! I really need to do something like this with my friends! Was your camera on a tripod?

  4. so many of these made me smile real big. love you girls so much!--and Sarah is cool too. ;-)

  5. ashley4.11.08

    oh oh oh oh! i so wish i could have met Sarah when she was here!!!!! :( next time right?

    and guh. you all are so stinkin' perty! love them all - esp. the one of lyds jumping across. her face = priceless. and some of your faces made me laugh out loud. love them...oh and you too. of course!

  6. Anonymous4.11.08

    Wow, way to much fun going on over there! You all look amazing and this put me in such a happy mood...

  7. Lol - you are too adorable my dear! :) Love the colors.. hee hee hee... Also, your hair looks totally fab? Have I mentioned that? *sigh* you're so beautiful. :)

    Can't wait to see you in January!

  8. Anonymous7.11.08

    Seriously I can't believe that all of you are still single! Are the guys in our church BLIND!?


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