Michael and Fay

"And then she asks me, 'Do I look all right?'
And I say, 'Yes, you look wonderful tonight.'"
-- eric clapton wonderful tonight

Last night was a moppy, cool Maryland night and the Glenview Mansion had the perfect setting to shoot this awesome couple!

I wish I looked that fantastic when I was just moseying down a pathway. Goodness!

Aw :D Love this one!


I saw this tree and almost did a back-flip - so moody and just plain awesome!

And one last adorable one, with fingers in her hair and all, to close the post :D

You guys were great and your wedding is going to be just fabulous :D See you in a few weeks! Eeee!


  1. Anonymous2.10.08

    The mother of the bride loves these shots.

  2. These are sooo pretty!
    I love the location, and they are both so cute!
    Great job! You always exceed my expectations!


  3. I. Love. These. No really. I love them. The first one all the way to the last one.. just..wow! :D

  4. Megan Beth4.10.08

    hi kristen! way to rock it. fabulous job..my fav is the second one...too perfect!


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