So, I think I am thrilled about where I am right now :D It's sunny and warm :DImage Hosted by
I am here in Mexico for Adam and Pami's wedding... I'll be back home next week. Right now I am sipping lemonade, answering emails, listening to some lovely live guitar and enjoying a nice breze, bright blue sky and SUNshine!
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I will definitely be posting teasers... it's going to be so beautiful :D
Ope, we are off to the rehearsal now! Wish my sleepy self luck!


  1. hi kristen,

    i sent you an e-mail but i'm not sure it went the right e-mail to ask you questions?


  2. Anonymous24.10.08

    Can't wait to see the wedding pictures!!

  3. [the following is a bad blogger comment]

    i'm jealous of the weather there.

  4. Have a great time shooting!

  5. It was great seeing you this weekend......I miss you already.....Thank you for allowing me to second shoot with you I had a great time doing it.....Hopefully we'll be able to do that again some other time :D
    Love ya!!


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