Drew and Mel

"i'm falling even more in love with you...
i'm hanging by a moment here with you"
-- lifehouse

Drew and Mel were just recently on here. And I was counting the days until their wedding. Word on the street was that it was going to be an incredible, incredible wedding. Shessh. My expectations were blown out of the water. (Thanks to Peter for shooting with me!!! And Jenny too!)

But, before I get ahead of myself, here are some details:

I was really excited about this one:

That's their cake! Donut tower! And that's their videographer's tie :D I like it.

Ohboy he is cute and sure knows it!

I will never, ever get over "bride beautiful." They really are the most beautiful girls on earth. Mel looked completely gorgeous.

The rest looked pretty sharp too! But still nothing compared to Mel. Sorry :)

Ope. Here's a quick boys shot. Almost forget about them!

And let the fun begin! How awesome was Drew's face when he first saw her, btw. :D :D :D :D

So much happiness....

I would like to pause this marriage ceremony and draw your attention to God's masterpiece which we enjoyed as the backdrop of the ceremony. Resume play...



And just like that, they are husband and wife - inseparable.

As I said before, Drew is awesome because he is very into photography and graphic design, and knowing that challenges me in a good way. Plus, Drew and Mel were all about having lots of pictures! We had a ball!

Drew and Mel have an awesome story. Drew grew up in Oregon, Mel grew up in Maryland. About 10 years ago, Drew moved to Maryland, and just so happened to live right next door to 14-year-old Mel. No, sparks didn't fly. And, no, they didn't vow ignorant, naive devotion. They didn't really even talk.
Years later they were in small group at church together. And hit it off flawlessy! Eeeh. Wrong. They were merely acquaintances.

Things changed?

Oh did they ever. It actually took a missions trip to Uganda for them to start falling in love. Who knew? I love love stories that only God could write. Not to sound cheesy, but it's so sweet to see two people from opposite locations, families and lives be brought together forever.

(ps. Our planet is sooooooo pretty.)

I loved the light we got for these shots:

Like a magazine cover


Oh cuuuute. Mel is such a cutie head!

This one might be my favorite

I can hardly stand how happy they are. Psh. It's an incredible thing love & marriage is, huh?

(and slideshow is forthcoming. something is working with the program :( )


  1. Stinking adorable couple. Cute groom + cute bride = cute wedding. Great photos Kristen; adorableeee!

  2. Anonymous5.10.08

    who is the man bridesmaid?

    and in the big group of everyone, whose arms are in the back with no head??


  3. my fav wedding of yours to date
    :) i love youuuuu

  4. ps: i tied that handsome little tie!

  5. Kristen, absolutely breathtaking!!!! They are adorable and you did a FANTASTIC job capturing the moments. I love looking at your work!

  6. I actually think I have to go with Lydia...AMAZING job girl.

    I seriously gasped at several of these shots. I love them...and YOU!

    See you in a few weeks!! AHH!!!

  7. Mel looks like an Anne of Green Gables bride.

    oh my GOODNESS am i happy for them!!

  8. Kristen, I may be biased as this is Drew and Mel, but these pictures are exceptional. Very well done!!!!

  9. oh, kristen, these are so very lovely. you did such an amazing job!

  10. I keep coming back to look at these.--Def. one of the best weddings you've done I think. God and His lighting lended a hand. ;-)--and certainly a couple that makes my heart burst!


  11. LOVE these! and LOVE them. Kristen, nice work. You even made me cry.

  12. AWW! aawwww! can you say beAUtiful?!
    amazing job kristen... everyone of these pictures is gorgeous!

  13. speechless. (commentless?)

  14. Anonymous6.10.08

    best EVER! oh kiddo! such a good job! yep you made me cry to! Thank you for blessing them so much by capturing those special moments!

  15. Great shots! Looks like a really cool location and you used it to your advantage!

  16. Amazing as always! I love the shots in the field with the tall grass! Really stunning!

  17. awesome Kristen! this wedding was unreal. i'm so behind on blogging though...busy last couple of days.

  18. They're all such beautiful pictures! Wow! And somehow, they just encouraged me to hold on until it's my turn... ;-)

  19. beautiful photos kristen thanks for the shout out :D


  20. Great job by everyone Kristen. That first shot is killa! =)


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