Stephanie and Geoff!

"Maybe millions of people go by....
But I only have eyes for you"
-- frank sinatra

Saturday I shot (assisted by the excellent Peter Bang) Steph and Geoff's wedding!

Sheeee is a model. Probably. Secretly. She must be - being so stunning and all!

These are probably my favorite "pre-aisle" pictures ever. Steph and her dad as very close :D So touching :D

I just love her. So happy, so excited, so funny. Geoff, you have an awesome wife.

i don't even know what to say. she is so beautiful.

His message was outstanding! I think my favorite wedding message ever!

Yay! They did it!

Playing with the flower girls :D

The weatherman was calling for rain alllll weekend. I now have a soft-spot in my heart for rainy Saturdays, because even if I am not shooting, I know soooomeone is getting married, and they probably wish it wasn't raining. However, I have yet to have any rain trouble! Even when hurricanes are forecast! Yay! And the same happened Saturday -- the timing was great, and we got some awesome pictures in lovely, dry sunshine!

Hand-holding is just adorable in my book.

So in love!

We also ran into Union Station really quickly. Loved how they turned out!

They caused quite a stir....

That's just plain romantic.

Let me skip ahead to the reception and make a note about their first dance! They naaailed it! They are greta swing-dancers, but not only was it very fun, it was very personal and deep. I had a hard time not watching them!

Funny toasts are the best!

And my job is also the best! wootwoot!


Congratulations Geoff and Stephanie! I loved celebrating with you!

Enjoy the show!


  1. lovely! Is that Mark Dever in that one picture?

  2. OOohh i love this wedding
    so much. awesome job :)

  3. you rocked it girl! it was a lot of fun and they were truly a quality couple. thanks!

  4. Hi Kristen great pictures and cool blog! Oh and you just got tagged!
    Check out my blog for the rules!

  5. I love these. What an amazing couple they must be, and all the locations..perfect! :D

  6. hey girl. I hope you are getting my calls/emails/text messages!! trying to get a hold of you about tomorrow...can't wait!


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