angie and juan

On Saturday I had the honor to shoot a very elegant, formal and drop-your-jaw-beautiful wedding for Angie and Juan.

Here are a few of the boys :)

Some little wedding guests - looking mighty fine I would like to add!

Waiting for the wedding to begin...

Ta-da! Here she is, being escorted by her grandfather, Congressman Clay. Her entrance was very powerful - the setting, the music and how amazing she looked....

The Congressional Club is iconic in Washington DC, and very beautiful!

The lady who sang during the Unity Candle was very good!


So peaceful and so happy :)

Even though this is more formal than usual, I loved how grand and "White House-y" it looked!

I love how newspaper this one is. I don't even mean to take it - I was just holding my camera over my shoulder talking! And I saw it and was like "Score!" haha

The cocktail hour was great fun! Everyone was so cheerful and upbeat and excited!

Seeeee.... I told you it was amazing!

They are like a royal couple! Just stunning!

The toasts were excellent...

As was the first dance - they really tore up the dance floor! It was SO fun to watch, but I was jealous I couldn't dance!

Congratulations!!! I am thrilled for you both and so excited that God brought you two together!


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