Something NEW!

Ooooook, the long worked on website is finally up!!!

Notice I did not say done - cause its not. I stayed up till 4 or later for roughly a week trying to finish it. But, I couldn't. So, it will be all fixed and totally done a few days from now :D

But please check out the NEW !!!!

It was like my 19th birthday present! Haha I have had a ball putting it together and using ShowIt sites - the program is the awesome.

Alright, what else? Hm. Well, I just got back from family vacation! We went to Pennsylvania. My family of nine visited Amish Farms, saw Brian Regan (a birthday present AND dream list accomplishment!) and rocked Hersey Park for two full days.

So, before we continue this post, I need you to know a little something about my family. We are awesome. Ok, excellent. Now we may continue.
We have a 10th child - I guess it's more of a grandchild? Anyways, Shannon has a "baby" that she plays house with, named McKayla. And this baby gets a real baby car seat, with real baby bottles, pacifiers, blankets and stocked diaper bag. No joke. She even has a seat in our Suburban and Shannon is very particular about her being buckled "safely."

I am going to miss it when these two grow-up :( I love them like this

After our two cars, and all 9, er 10, of us were ready to go, we set off for lovely Lancaster!

I must admit, the Amish fascinate me. It is amazing that they live the way they do - very inspsiring!

When we arrived at the farm, we got to take a little train ride through the country.
My dad was very, very impressed with the train. Everytime it would ride by he would "toottoooot!" at it and wave to everyone. He announced that he would like a train of his own, to ride around our backyard in ;D

It was so enjoyable to ride around the miles and miles of green countryside!
All of the kids sat together and we had a good time talking and teasing each other. At one point Dude broke one of the seats and no one would help him hahah poor little guy ;( He was so cute, but I couldn't help but laugh and laugh - he was so nervous!


Guh. I love them - more then they will ever know!

Waving to other trains!

I didn't know they carried submarines made out of water-balloons!

When we all finally got off the train, we had to jump onto the see-saws. I was glad Timmy was much heavier then me hahah

Hi pretty head!

There were a ton of little activities to do at the farm, and we did them all. Even if we didn't want to, mom would have made us :D She is all about that kind of thing.
We were being so crazy in here that the little worker boy had to announce over the whole intercom "Family that is in the ball-cage, I know you are having fun, but please be careful and calm down." I didn't feel too bad since my dad started it ;D

Oh dear. I am not doing this again. At least with Timmy being the "mechanical" part of the mechanical bull. I ate dirt!

After the wild bull incident, we ran off to "go-karts."
Being the family that we are, we were shocked to find out that you had to pedal your "go-kart." I opted out, you know, so I could take pictures.

Dad made it around twice, then almost died. I was proud of him :D

Here's a cute little racer!

Alright, mom. Mom mom mom. She is where I get any sense of adventure from. The whole tough, Army thing rubbed off. I don't have a picture of this little story, but, just imagine. One of the activities at the farm is this big, giant, huge, huge inflatable pillow. Its like a moonbounce, but 4 times as big, with no walls or ceilings. Just a large hump filled with air (in otherwards, awesome). All the kids were jumping on there and having a good ol' time. Mom wanted to join the fun. My dad tried to talk her out of it. "Sue, you are 50. You really can't do these kinds of things."

Ha. 50 is the new 30. Anyways, she chucked her shoes, ran through the sand, with this huge grin on her face. So thoroughly excited to be getting on with us! She put one foot on the bounce-pillow and then flew back in unreal slow motion. She landed right on her backside, covered with sand. She was red from laughing so hard. Mothers who were watching gasped. Little children were pointing and whispering in shock. My dad was sitting behind the fence shaking his head. Because she is the best, she got up and came and jumped for a good 15 seconds then had to get off because it was too much for her stomach :D
But I love that she tried so hard! I am determined to be like that I am a mom! Love you mommy!!! Thanks for the memories!

Alright, last for today. We saw Brian Regan. I was flippppping out when I opened a card on my birthday and it had a ticket inside. I was SO happy. So so so so happy.
(ps. Mom has a hard time with 1.4 lenses. We are all gonna pretend it's in focus. She did her very best ;D Thank you mom!)

The theater was beautiful!

And this guy. What can I say. I haven't laughed that hard ever. Two straight hours of laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing. I couldnt even get any more laugh out. If you ever get a chance to go see him, please do!

Alrighy, off to coach now. I have lots of new posts lined up, so keep coming back this week!


  1. Love Lancaster and the Strasburg Railroad! Your new site's coming along, can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. Hi,

    I love the new website! It's gorgeous. The family vacation looks so fun. My family and I (we also have seven kids) have been to Lancaster several times and it is so beautiful. Thanks for the awesome posts! I look forward to each one.

    Hope :)

  3. The story about your mom..fantastic! :D What a fun lady! And the fact that you had to pedal the go-karts..too funny! I would have been there with you..determined to take pictures. :D

  4. Kristen:

    I have been reading your blog for about a year now. I forget how I found it, but I have always really really loved your photos. Anyway, I go to the Sovereign Grace church in Lancaster and I just knew I'd have to comment when I saw you were here. The Strasburg Railroad is great fun. I haven't done that since I was little. :-)

    Anyway, I just had to say hi. I admire your photos so much. Hope you have a good week!

  5. Rachel26.8.08

    Kristen, your blog is honestly my favorite blog ever!!! You show so much of your personality, I love it!!! The website is awesome, great job!
    ~Rachel K.~

  6. awesome. super jealous of your railroad/brian reagn/hershey park-ness...

  7. ashley28.8.08

    love the new website! so jealous that you saw reagan!


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