Kurt and Naomi!

"its you and me
and all of the people..."

On October 31st 2003 our church hosted our annual Harvest Party for the little kids. Typically the highschoolers put it on. It's always a crazy time - loud games, sugerfied children and crowded rooms. I remember that I was coming to look for some people from my group, because our game was severely understaffed and we had no idea where everyone had gone! After looking for a bit, I found Naomi, an older girl in my group. She was in the basketball gym talking to Kurt and seemed quite happy. "Hmmmmm....." ;D
Well, fast-forward five years, and these high-school-sweet-hearts are going to get married! Yay! I was SO SO excited when I found out they were finally engaged! It's been a long time in coming, and is just so exciting!
LOVE this one:

So, Kurt and Naomi are pretty much a really, really, really good-looking couple. They were giving me their J.Crew poses :D

This one seems so playful to me! Like two little kids running around playing tag! Or skipping rocks! Can't you hear the birds chirping? I can :D

She is just too beautiful!

Of course we played the "face-game." And Kurt was officially awarded "worst-face-game-player-ever." This was his scared face. Apparently it's really exciting to be scared... and by exciting I mean creepy....?

But thanks to his lack of skill, we got some awesome, relaxed laughing shots!

Oh so cute!

Did you ever read those "color books" when you were younger? Like, the first page is blue and has a blue house and a blueberry and the sky. Just random blue things. And the the only word on the page is "Blue." I felt like I was writing one of those books or something like that. They had awesome red outfits and every time I saw "red" I made them stop and pose for me hahah "Red door, red flower, red truck. Red!"

We skipped across the street :D

And we haaaad to get a ring shot! Kurt did a great job - Naomi absolutely loves it!

And here is the slideshow! Enjoy!

I am so happy for you two! And CAnnOT WAit for your wedding! :D :D :D !!!


  1. oh these are sooo cute!! loved the red background ones.is that brookeside gardens? i have a shoot there this weekend!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! You did a fantastic job capturing the joy and happiness written all over their faces!

    BTW, what kind of camera do you use?

  3. nice job kristen. ni ni you look GORGEOUS!

    when are we gonna do our photo shoots of each other? :)

  4. Anonymous19.8.08

    thanks chavs :) it's not really me, Kristen just makes me look better than I really am :) Your the best K K :) (think i found my new nickname for u since I'm Indian princess to u ;)

  5. beautiful!! glad it's "their turn" now. :-)


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