jenny and bobby

"nothing's bigger than love
oh oh
all you need is love"

Bobby and Jenny are such rockstars. No, really, they are. At least Bobby is. He is the drummer for a band called "My Favorite Highway" - and they are incredible!

He is used to being in front of the camera for band shoots. And, Jenny? Well, she is just drop-dead gorgeous and so sweet!

LOVE this one.

Don't they look like a glam celebrity couple? These next few are my "paprazzi" shots haha

:D i love cute, happy heads :D

How sweet is her little laugh? Oh, too cute!

Enjoy the show! And especially the music, brought to you by "My Favorite Highway," of course :D
Congratulations you guys!!! CanNOT wait for your wedding!


  1. These are gorgeous Kristen and SO much fun! I love all of them!

  2. I'm preeeetty sure you know exactly what I'm going to say this shoot...unless the millions of Acts hours I haven't been able to spend with you have weakened our connection but I doubt it.

    :) yep. Love them.
    So stylin. And oh gosh people in bands and just bands. It's just happiness.

  3. Kristin Solomon1.9.08

    Bobby and Jenny! Yay!! Can't wait for your guys wedding, you guys are awesome together!

    kristen, you did an awesome job!

  4. They are the cutest couple! I love the one where she is smiling as he seems to whisper something in her ear... so sweet! :)
    You did an amazing job with these Kristen!

  5. Wow, I love these so much! Very beautiful and creative!
    Great job!

    Carley Rene

  6. do you top this? these are charming photos...seriously perfection. :D

  7. Anonymous3.9.08

    i LOVE these kristen! where in the world is this?

  8. GREAT job, Kristen!! I looooove these!

  9. Anonymous4.9.08

    Great Job! :D
    She is really pretty and your pics are amazing!
    Soo he's in a real band??

  10. Anonymous6.9.08

    sooo fun! they are such a cute couple! good job!!


  11. So this is really funny and pretty random but I know Jenny and Bobby and was actually living on Jenny's hall in college when they started dating. I saw her engagement photos on Facebook, and of course, being a photographer, had to check them out! You really did a great job, I'm jealous I couldn't be a part of their ceremony because they are getting married the day after I am but I am so thrilled they found someone to serve them and provide them with STUNNING photography.

    Secret confession: I've subscribed to your blog, and lydia's as an extension, because I loved the work you did for them!


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