The Harris Family

Last night was arguably a perfect summer night. Though it had been cloudy all day, at about 6:30 the sun started to shine and our little town was boasting warm, cozy sunset light. Andree (friend and photographer) and I had the joy to shoot the whooole Harris family!

You may know Josh from his best-selling books (namely, I Kissed Dating Good-bye), or his brothers, Alex and Brett from their ministry "The Rebelution" and book "Do Hard Things" or you may know of their dad, Gregg and his huge role in the Christian homeschooling movement.

All of these men (and their families) are such examples - they are working so hard to bring glory to God in their lives! I respect them all greatly!

I love this picture of the great-grand-kids. Hahaha Boys will be boys....?

And Josh's youngest, Mary-Kate, has unbelievable eyes. She is so beautiful!

Oh! And cutie-pie Elena - she is such a little poser and did a great job working the camera :D

We got some super pictures of the whole family, but I loved this one :) Mary-Kate did her very best :D

Aw :) They have a pretty cute love-story... it's in Josh's book, if you want to hear it!

And this is a woman I greatly admire. Kimi's & Joel's first daughter died when she was only a few weeks old. She has been through so, so, so much at such a young age. Instead of hating God, she has clung to Him! What a testimony! And now she is blessed with her adorable, sweet little lady, Elena :D

I love the picture of Mrs. Harris's mother. So lovely!

Ok, so, they are kind of homeschool, Mac geeks... no big deal :D

This is a shot Dre took - I absolutely LOVE it!

And a bit of sun flare, just for kicks!

Enjoy the show!


  1. harris fam- had a great time with you all last night!

    k.snyd- thanks for having me tag along :-)

  2. these are fun! great job!

  3. Henry1.8.08

    these are very nice. what kinda camera do you have?

  4. oh these are very nice. great job, me love.

  5. wow --- really stunningn photos! :)

  6. Anonymous1.8.08

    Haha i love the pics with everyone on their macs

  7. Great job K!!!
    Miss you.............crazy face

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  9. Nice shots Kristen! Looks like you guys had a great time and cool yard to do it in. We don't have too many yards like that out here in Cali!

  10. aw, Kristen. That is SO good.
    You captured their family so well!
    The love, and joy, and laughter...
    great job. thanks for doing that for them. I know they'll treasure those pictures for a loooong time. :)

  11. Anonymous3.8.08

    Oh, kristen. Wonderful.
    You captured the family I love so, so, so, SO much perfectly!
    I love the picture of Josh & Shan. Could they be a cuter couple?!?!
    Thanx for doing this for them!

    love you!

  12. These are great pictures of the Harris family! Loved the slide show as well as the song (one of my favorites). :)

  13. sydney4.8.08

    I love these pictures!! Especially the one of the geeky mac people in the family! ;-) They're such a sweet family that has made a BIG difference in my family's more ways than one. :-)

    What's the song you used called? I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing!

    Shalom! :-)

  14. These pictures are really great! And the kids are so cute! :)


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