Esther and Josh!

I love the whole "early-20th-century" era. When I was nine-years-old I watched a little clip of "Grease" and was totally wow-ed by the poodle-skirts, cute little blonde curls and the upbeat music.
My favorite American-girl doll was Molly, who "lived" during World War 2.
In middle-school I begged to learn about The Great Depression.
Early in highschool my history class learned about the Industrial Revolution and we did a fake-radio show - including The Andrews Sisters ("in the mood Ba-DA!"), Fireside Chats with FDR and commercials for deodorant and soap.
My job was to give fashion updates and wrote a whole paper just on clothes of the 1920's - 1950's.
Later on I studied American Literature and was captivated by "The Great Gatsby" - it was one of my favorite books I ever read in school. I also loved "My Antonia," "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "Cheaper By The Dozen" - which all take place between 1915-1930.

During Senior year history we studied "this" era almost exclusively. Papers upon papers where written and read concerning Louis Armstrong, Big Band, The World Wars, art, entertainment, poets and presidents. And I completely loved it.

In our area, there is a little town called "Glen Echo." Right in the middle of Glen Echo, is Glen Echo Park, which open in 1891 and closed in the 1960's.

Back in its golden years, it was an amusement park. It also boasted a swimming pool, candy shops & soda fountains, and swing dances held nightly. It was colorful, it was happening and was, I am sure, so much fun. Though the amusement park is closed, the park is still in operation. The Spanish ballroom still has swing dances on Friday nights, the Bumper car pavilion and arcade can be used to hold events and the "1921 Dentzel three-row menagerie carousel" rides every day. You can see little hearts carved up high in trees that say "Sammy + Janet" or "Bill + Carol" and I like to pretend that they have been married for years and are now happy, old grandparents.

I have been absolutely dying to do an engagement shoot here. And I finally found the lucky couple! Not only do they happen to love old, classic, music but their personality's fit the park perefctly! Esther and Josh are an amazing couple and we had a blast running our Glen Echo together (even though everything was closed. wups.)

We sat in front of the carousel, someday I'll go back and actually ride it!

LOVE this one!

The sun was sure perty :)

This little area is right outside the ballroom...

We were playing "Beauty and The Beast." I sang "Tale as Old as Time," Esther pretended she as wearing a big princess dress, and Josh was a complete gentleman. We could have been in a play! haha

I think this was my favorite from the day. I asked them to pretend they had a crush on each other as middle-schoolers. I love it!

So peaceful :D

Here's the slideshow!

I can't wait for your wedding - you two are so awesome!


  1. Hey you stole my idea! J/K, I might be doing an e-session there soon too!

  2. OK... this slideshow says the song is Keith Urban! Um, wrong. But I LOVE THE song! Great choice! Plus great shoot! They look so content together.


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