New things are on the waaaaay!

So. as you can see the blog is looking a little different.... it's getting ready to match the new website that officially has a launch date! August 20!!! Which also happens to be someone's birthday... hmmmm.....

I have been working hard on branding, web design, products & presentation as well as booking some awesome clients! I think this next year is going to be awesome! I can't imagine a better year than this past one, but it looks promising!

Oh goodness, what is this? It's so hard to see.... ;D

In other news, I received an email from congratulating me for my high score after their editors review! I know it means nothing, cause I am sure they send it out to everyone, but I was pretty excited :D

To cap off this little post, here is my favorite picture from yesterday's wedding! The slideshow and rest of the pictures will be up tomorrow!


  1. yaaaaaaaay!! :)
    i'm exciiiited

  2. I love the new look it's so cute! Sounds exciting!

  3. great work. so proud of you!

  4. Wow! Lots of new things going on over here! :D Looks like exciting times. Can't wait to see the new webpage. Aren't they fun!? :D

  5. You Rock! Can't wait for the 20. Think I'll start a count-down.

  6. you are too cute. and i was imagining how it sounded if you were saying all this out loud.

  7. samara :O)28.7.08

    congrat Kristen! I'm so happy and proud of you. you're awesome and I'm always raving about you to my clients. It's a blessing to know you and work with you. keep up the awesome work... God has great things destined for you missy! love ya, Samara :O)

  8. I can't wait! Is it your birthday on the 20th? If it is, that is so cool because that is my sister's birthday!
    I absolutely love your work! You're just awesome! :)

  9. did i ever tell you that i'm a fan of your blog? its on my google reader. Yep, I'm one of the many fans out there lurking...its so fun to see your photography improve over time.

    you do really good work, kristen.

    And can i make fun of you for calling yourself "non-artistic" when i taught you years ago? can i say "i told ya so" yet? :)


  10. ashley30.7.08

    yaaaaaay! this makes me happy!



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