Monica and Milton!

You may remember the beautiful 25th anniversary party in Mexico I had the honor to shoot back in April. Carlos and Kena have been married happily for 25 years, and just a few weeks ago their daughter Monica got engaged :D I knew I was going to be in Mexico for the missions trip, so I jumped at the chance to do an engagement shoot with her and her fiance!

**Edit** Check Monica's older sisters blog, Ana Rebeca Photography, to see some awesome shots she grabbed!

There is a bit of a dangerous war in Mexico right now, and because of that I was not allowed to leave the orphanage we were staying at. Monica and Milton happily met me there and we had so, so much fun running around!

If I could take the light from that hour and bring it home, I would. It was simply unreal. Plus, these two little love-birds were a piece of cake to shoot!

Oh Mexico. Thank you for being so beautiful. Can you give Maryland a quick lesson?

I love, love, love, love colors.

Annnd here is the slideshow!

Oh! This a fun little tidbit from Memory Lane: two years ago when I was on the missions trip, a group of us built an over-hang outside the childrens room.

I think it makes an excellent backdrop for pictures :D Pretty much every single piece of wood you see was measured by me. And it hasn't collapsed yet! Yay!

Congratulations Monica and Milton! I am so excited for you and all that the future holds!


  1. I love how you used the ranch! It is a great place for pictures! :)

    (I'm a friend of Caitlin Butt, we go to the same Church! We are going back to the ranch this October for the 5th time. I 'm so excited!)

    I love your pictures by the way! :)

  2. Kris!!!!
    These are great...I'm sure they are going to love them!!!

    I miss your crazy head!!!

  3. Whoa... YOU built the overhang?! Sweetness. I definitely stained the overhang of the school one year. Great shoot around the Rancho. I loved the blue wall - which wall was that? The kitchen's still green, right? Oh well. Great job!!

  4. my favorite shot is him tell her a secrete with her covering her laugh... so sweet. well done kristen!

  5. Anonymous20.7.08

    oh they are to cuuuute!

    i loved your face when you first started talking to her. she looked away and you looked and me and was like, "yeah. she gorgeous!"

    luv you!

  6. Mexico IS so beautiful, isn't it. I've always thought that. Even in the poorest places. (and beautiful pictures of Monica and Milton too. hee.)


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