Kristin and Jon

"My heart is poundin'
yes yes yes...
My love is so articulate
But I am such a mess"

Yesterday evening Kristin married Jon in an elegant, romantic ceremony held at our church.
There were so many little details that made the day special to me. One of the "special moments" was when I arrived at Kristin's house, where all the girls were getting pretty :D I went into her bedroom. A typical, college-girl, athletes room - trophy's and plaques from swimming, magazines, pictures of friends in frames, shoes, backpack, shopping bags. Oh, and a wedding dress. No big deal :)

Though I have never been close with Kristin, I have known her my whole life. Actually, 7 years ago to the day, she was in a wedding of a close family friend. She was 14 and a junior bridesmaid. I was 12 and a guest. I would have never, ever dreamed that I would be photographing her wedding that very day a few years down the road!

Oh, did I mention that Kristin is beautiful? Model-beautiful. But probably the most humble and gentle human you could meet! Another high-light of the day was seeing an all-time-favorite bride Val (her wedding, her first engagement shoot aaand her second engagement shoot). Val is second to left in this picture:

Hahaha oh the boys. Groomsmen are always great fun

Yes, I know. I used this wall again. It's just that good :)

Aaaaw. Aaaw. Aw :) I've said it before, and I'll say it again my favorite part of the wedding is right before the bride walks down the aisle. She is usually bouncing up and down laughing or looking away determined not to cry. The dad is all emotional and sweet holding his daughters arm. The guests are waiting, the music starts to climax. The groom is waiting, and sweating, and swaying in his rented shoes. The moment is here - literally seconds away. I love that part :)

"You know how the bride makes her entrance and everybody turns to look at her? That’s when I look at the groom. Cause his face says it all you know? The pure love there."
-- Jane from 27 Dresses

[that's the sound I make when I get lens flare inside.]

Yay! They are marrrrried!

And one last note: Kristin's mom and the team of volunteers who decorated did an absolutely OUTstanding job. I have been at many, many, many (probably too many) events in this gym. Yes, this big humongous, basketball gym. You would never guess that this is a sports venue - it looked like a hotel! Or better! Wonderful job!


  1. ahh kristen! you did an amazing job! i love the one of the gromsmen jumping buth is standing still. LOVE THEM!

  2. beautiful job, Kristen!!

  3. These are gorgeous, and I agree with you, Kristin IS stunning!

  4. whoa! awesome photos :-D
    love how excited they all look :)
    and wow - they did an awesome job decorating the events center!

  5. These are just perfect. You captured Kristin so beautifully. You're awesome! :)

  6. hey kristen!

    these are amazing - as usual!!! ;o) do you know how i can contact kristin...when they get back that is? you can email me at if you do...


  7. wonderful, kristen. so glad you and lyd got the best seats in the house at the reception.

  8. Anonymous28.7.08

    i'm quite confused as to why her dress has straps sometimes and doesn't have straps at other times... ??

  9. Anonymous21.8.08

    Answer for Anonymous:
    The straps were removable.


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