Danielle and Michael!

Phew! I am finally blogging this wedding from a few weeks ago! Sorry it took quite a bit :(

Danielle and Michael were actually celebrating 10 years of marriage with a vow-renewal ceremony.

The event took place at a beautiful old house behind Georgetown. I was speechless. It was incredible!

Ten years of bliss!

Click here for the show! I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Very cute!! I'm pretty much in love with the reception chairs they have. I think that may have to be my big "splurge" when I get married.

  2. Amazing shots!
    Love the sun flare~

  3. Beautiful! :D Wow! you really know how to capture the perfect moments. :D Great work. :D

  4. Anonymous20.7.08

    loved lydia's face when you caught her behind the trees!!

    miss your craziness.... !

  5. WHOA! Loved that yellow house! Amazing. And you and Lydia aren't too bad either... Lol. You rock! Keep it up!

  6. Anonymous21.7.08

    Loved some of the photos, yet bothered by the reception shots. Spite that, looks good!


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