Alathea and Abby!

This post is a little on the short side (hahah that was a pun). Anyways, I am leaving for the day - in about three hours - and I was determined to get this post up before I left!

Alathea and Abby are two of the cutest girls God has ever made. You may remember Alathea from last year (the post is here) and I was so excited when her mom called me again this year! Here are some favorites :D

This one is probably my favorite from the whole day :D I love her little strap falling off her shoulder, and her big baby head and her fat little legs. And don't even get me started on her hand-sucking. Babies are the best :D

And here is the show!


  1. Lydia23.7.08

    So cute! Beautiful job, Kristen!

  2. OH MY. You don't know me. I am friends with Jeanie and Julie. I live in Charlotte... and those 2 girls are my 2 favorite humans. You have no clue how much i adore them, and how happy this made me. Thanks Kristen!

  3. Anonymous23.7.08

    Kristen!!!! SO SO SO SO SO good. thanks for capturing how incredibly cute they are!!

    Julie :)

  4. They are so so cute and you captured them beautifully!

  5. Seriously..the cutest kiddos out there! :D What beauties! :D

  6. You don't know me either . . . I'm a friend and neighbor of jeanie . . . these pictures are absolutely beautiful! I have to say the last one of Alathea in tears was my favorite, is that awful?

  7. ok, me again. I keep coming back to watch the slideshow. Julie told me how horrible Lathie was being, and you have my pity. But you still did an incredible job. And I agree with Hilary, the one of Lathie crying is classic


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