Joe and Bethhers!!!

" say it again for me
cause i love the way it feels
when you are telling me that i'm
the only one who blows your mind

** special thanks to the amazing peter bang who shot with me!!! **

The now semi-famous "grocery store" couple, Joe and Beth, got married on Sunday night. They have become good friends and practically everyone I knew from church was anticipating this wedding. Word on the street was that it was going to be CRAZY fun.

The beginning of the day was very fun :)

Beth was a nervous/excited little thing, though. She was playing with her toes - and I thought it was very cute.

And she also sang her little heart out! That made me mighty happy! haha

I asked Beth to tell me "their" story while she was getting ready. Basically, they were great friends but he never really thought of her as anything else. Until, one Sunday (I quote) "He saw me singing on stage and thought 'What on earth am I doing without her???'"
Gaaah. My heart dripped like a melting ice-cream cone. SO sweet!

The grooms sisters, Naomi, was celebrating her birthday on Sunday, too! Happy Birthday, again, Ni! I like to tell people I have two "secrets" to getting weddings: my blog and Naomi. She has referred me to SO many people! Thanks, Princess :D

Ooooh la la

The final product! She was honestly breath-taking.

Ok, so, some boy stuff. Apparently, this little "Best Man" patch was Joe's favorite part of the entire wedding.

Looking sharp!

They all wanted to do a picture "prom" style. This is SO Joe's sense of humor. I was dyyyying!!!

Meanwhile, Beth was getting final touches done! It was impossible to catch her without this face:

I love this one:

Hello cute face!

Aw :) :) :) This almost makes me cry :) She was trying so hard to hold it all together!

There was lots of laughing during the vows, of course.

{Photographers: I was quite thrilled to get this lens flare. Not my favorite picture ever, but, um, the lens flare practically killed me with happiness!}

Yay! Kisses!
I would like to thank their pastor, Bob Kauflin, who remembered to step out of the picture so that it would look great! haha

This is another funny moment I just had to post. I started taking pictures and was like "Joe, you are scrunching down all weird!" The entire bridal party burst out laughing - they tricked me, and this is Joe's brother (who looks a lot like him, in my defense)

Time for the limo! This ride was a crazy ride of laughter, singing and all-around chaos

The super-elegant party

How fun are they? My job is the best.


Oh, you two, I love how you love each other!

I have to stop picking pictures to post, but I really had to include this. They had a very, very touching video of Joe's older brother in Iraq, who couldn't be at the wedding. Makes me so grateful!

And, there are so many dancing pics (and the party was as awesome as it was hyped up to be!) but here are a few!

Hey hey! Look who made it into some songs! Beth told me I could only do her pictures If I promised to dance some :) Deal!
Thank you, Peter, for rocking the dance pictures!

This is one of my favorite all-time wedding pictures. Ever.
And I have no idea what happened to Joe! Did he fall? I really don't know.

Congratulations Joe and Beth!!!


  1. Anonymous24.6.08

    awesome awesome!! these are great Kristen!

  2. So you dance, you sing, and take great photos. You rock! :)

  3. Anonymous25.6.08

    These are AMAZING! (partially b/c their my best friends :) and thanks for the bday wish :) ur the best!
    ~princess Ni~ =)

  4. Thanks Kristen! It was fun!


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