My not-favorite

One of my least favorite parts of life is when my family is not around. This weekend they were all gone for a short trip to the beach... without me :(

Don't feel too bad, because I did have three jobs while they were gone, and a handful of them came home early to watch the Celtics. BUT, still, I don't like it when they are gone. My house is so empty and quiet. And I really don't know what to so with myself. I think I thrive on activity and noise.

One afternoon I just played singing-super-star in my room :) 
You at least have to watch the 35-45 second mark... It's phenomenal.

I shouldn't be left alone :)
And I am very glad all these faces are back with me!
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Why would you ever want to wake up to silence (albeit peace) when you could wake up to this?!?!
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It's been a good day :)


  1. i love the "why the heck is kristen taking our picture, we're eating breakfast" picture. its great.

  2. elise19.6.08

    you are such a silly-head and i just love you :)

  3. Anonymous19.6.08

    I love your face when the music stops for some reason... pretty funny! :)
    I hate to be alone too, so I completely understand!

  4. wow. you ARE a singing superstar.

  5. I love the part when the music stops. your face = absolutely priceless. lol.. =)

  6. Ya know Kristen that was too cute! I think we'd all love to hear you really sing solo with no recorded vocals drowning you out. Now THAT would be great!! Was that a makeup brush for a mic?

    Glad to see your family makes you happy!

  7. So funny, and brave of you! You couldn't PAY me to do that! :-)

  8. #758 on the reasons I love K.Snyd. you are nuts!!

  9. (ok, never mind on the email, kristen - i'm an idiot!) i love the video...;o)

  10. Nice voice Kristen!!!! I miss you!!!! So funny when the music stops :)

  11. L. V.25.7.09

    Hi Kristen...

    I just thought I'd leave you comment real quick. You are a VERY good photographer. I've been looking at your blog for a while now. I like getting new ideas for pictures myself.

    Hey, why don't you check out the John Marshall family music ( They've got really wonderful music...I bet you'd love it. They used to have ten kids! If you hear some of their songs, you'll see how it can really cause you to pray and seek God's face. That's the affect it has on me anyway. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. =)

    "Praise the LORD; for the LORD is good: sing praises unto his name; for it is pleasant." Psalm 135:3


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