Cheryl and Matt

" I could hold you in my arms
I could hold on

Cheryl and Matt's wedding was very emotional. The wedding plans were all going along as normal, just days before the wedding - excitement was building and all the last minute details were being taken care of.
And then Cheryl got very, very, very sick. She was on medicine and antibiotics, enduring tests and laying in the hospital. Matt was right by her side the whole time - I can't tell you how many people raved to me about how delicatley and lovingly Matt cared for Cheryl. The night before the wedding Cheryl went home, and the day of the wedding (minutes before I arrived) she received a phone call from her doctors saying all tests were negative! Prasie God! But, man, how stressful!
The walk down the aisle was amazing. Magical.
Matt's reaction was practically perfect. He was so anxious waiting for her. Fumbling with his hands, wiggling his feet, playing with his collar. And then she came around the corner, and he gasped out loud and just beamed. He didn't take his eyes off of her once. It was adorable :)

And this just makes me smile :) That little dog is craaaazy!

And I also had to post this one of Cheryl and her son :D She was so proud of him, and they have a very sweet relationship!

Congratulations Matt and Cheryl! I hope you have a ridiculously relaxing honeymoon!


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