Has it happened yet?

I am not sure what qualifies someone as a professional wedding photographer.

After 100 weddings? When you consistently get 30+ comments on your blog posts? When you are bff's with David Jay? When you have shot in Europe or Cabo? Iiiii'm not sure really.

But, I do know this. Everybody who I deem "amazing" uses the Totally Rad Actions and the infamous Kevin Kubota "Magic Sharp" action. I think these little actions have saved the photog world.

All I ever see on blogs these days are "Totally Rad this" and "Magic Sharp that." I had had enough and decided to get my hands on these masterpiece tools.

I think I like it :) I guess "the professionals" were right!

The picture on the left is straight out of camera, and the right is Magic Sharp, Yin Yang, ProRetouch, and Magic Glasses. I am really impressed with the skin tones in all these actions! Three cheers!
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I am looooving these tones! The right image is processed by "Derelicate" - probably my favorite one in the whole set :)
Left: SOOC, Right: Derelicate 100%

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One of the most famous Rad Action is the "Super Old Skool Fast" action. I adore how it makes pictures look like my Grandma's wedding pictures. Like, the first picture is a lovely girl looking out the window, but the second could be a wife anxiously awaiting her husbands return from World War I!
Left: SOOC, Right: Super Old Skool Fast at 80%Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This bride, from the wedding with David Jay and Jessica Claire in February, is hard to improve on, but I wanted to try something really old and "film" like. Since I have no clue what I am doing with mixing layers, the editing on the right kind of came from an accident, but I love it! I am in such a vintage kick right now in normal life (just try to listen to Bobby Darin without melting) and it's spilling into photography!
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So, I made the leap and feeling like I am ever inching towards being "proffesional" :)


  1. Hi Kristen,

    Just want to say I'm enjoying watching you blossom as a photographer! (and learning from ya too!) I'd definitely say you're a professional. =)


  2. I think you became a professional the minute you were hired for your first wedding! :)

  3. alo! okay, I'm caving. Where do I get my hands on these??

  4. ...you definitely spelled "professional" wrong at the end. was that on purpose? cos if it was, you're brilliant.

    and nice fx. i like the super old skool-ness. always a winner.

  5. you're a professional in my book! :)

  6. Anonymous13.5.08

    Here's what the dictionary says
    `following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain
    `a person who is expert at his or her work.

    I would say each of these only begin to describe you.

  7. ~:Sophie:~13.5.08

    Laura! Ahhh! She is SO beautiful in both pictures! I havn't seen her for ... maybe five years!... even though she lives up the street from me:)

    I love all of the pics whatever you do to them! I think that you're professional ... not like you never were to me! And I really look up to you!

  8. ~:Sophie:~13.5.08

    ... actually I've seen her a few weeks ago, but that doesn't count because we didn't even say "hi"...

  9. Anonymous13.5.08

    I love the bride in her wedding pict! and I love the editing. good job!!


  10. Lydia13.5.08

    You're shooting professional work! Beautiful pictures, Kristen!

  11. I would argue that whatever one's primary source of income is, they are a professional in that field. Also I believe if you're not good as a photographer without those tools [rad actions], you'll never be enough with them. The awesome thing, is you're more than a fantastic photographer without them, so I'm sure you'll utilize them to the fullest extent!

  12. Noelle14.5.08

    Wow, Kristen, you are so good that I have never questioned the fact that you ARE a professional photographer.

    BTW, I've never heard of "Totally Rad" or "Magic Sharp" or those kinds of things, but they're really cool!


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