Where honor is due...

At the wedding in Atlanta, there are two women who I need to particularly honor!

The first is Heather's "mommi," Debbi.
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Debbi was a super-hero-mother-of-the-bride! I have seen some hard-working mothers before, but, wow! I think Debbi wins the award! I heard that over the whole wedding weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) she got around 5 hours of sleep. The night before the wedding she was at Kinko's until 6 AM! She slept for an hour and then was up again!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Caring for out-of-town guests, tending to details, and just wanting to bless her daughter was her number one goal. She was so incredibly selfless and without her I don't know how this wedding would have happened!

And besides the bride and groom, I don't think there was a happier person there :)
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It was so lovely to meet you Debbi! Thank you for loving your daughter so much - you are an example to me!

The next lady is Lauren Wright - of Lauren Wright Photography.
I am based in DC and had never been to Atlanta before - sometime in the winter I realized that I needed to find a second shooter! OSP to the rescue! I posted that I was looking for a second-shooter in Atlanta, and within hours I had a whole bunch of people who were willing to help me! After checking them out, and checking their work, I decided that Lauren be perrrfect!
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{Photo by Anne Almasy}

She is a lovely lady, who is such a strong Christian - and, um, and AMazing photographer! She is much better than me and I was honored to shoot with her!

You can check out her pictures from the wedding here :)

And in "Jasmine Star" fashion, I am posting some "action shots" that Lauren got of me. I must comment on how cool I was getting a matching dress and ShootSac just for Heather's bridal party ;)
It ate me.And there is another little lady I just had to post about :)
Nyah is one of my favorite all-time subjects - she is full of personality and too cute for her own good. Nyah came to the wedding with her pregnant-mom, grandparents and aunt - it was a long trip and long weekend for her... but she did so good!

Some moments were harder than others :)

Ok, but this picture is now one of my favorite ever. All the girls were getting organized, helping Heather straighten her dress, and following my directions. As soon as they were ready we pulled the flower girls in. I start taking pictures and then I notice this little hand pop up.

"Um. Um. Etxcuse me. Idon't have flehwers. Etxcuse me."Nyah was not pleased that she didn't have her petals in her basket for the pictures and she walked out of the rest of them, but I just adore her little face and raised-arm :) :) :) It's so cute...

But, she was a magnificent flower girl who deserved her nap!


  1. haha too cute! I have some definite memories from that little trip...nice to see you captured some of them :)You are such a sweet girl Kristen...keep up the fabulous work!

  2. Aww thank you! Your work is UH-MAZING as well, my friend :) You're so spunky and fun, and I had a great time getting to know you. If you're ever in the ATL again give me a holla :D LOL That's about all the ghetto-speak I have to cram in one post!

  3. you look so cute when you shoot! :)

  4. Time out - you shot in a dress?!? You have to tell me how you pulled that off!!!

    Miss you! And PS - SOOO jealous of the Jasmine Star comments. I'm trying not to hate you. Oh wait, no I'm not. I couldn't hate you. lol. So I'm just trying to not turn green... ;-)

    *muah* We need to chat it up soon!


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