A Dream List

In 2002 I saw a movie called "A Walk To Remember." Based on an award-winning novel, the movie is about a boy and girl falling in true love and getting married. The girl, Jamie, was plain, modest and a Christian. She was often mocked and ignored at school. Landon, the leading guy, was cool, popular and definitely not interested in Jamie. Landon ended up needing Jamie's help at school and she told him she would help only if he promised not to fall in love with her. "That will not be a problem" he arrogantly assured her. 

Of course, he did fall for her kindness, modesty, gentleness and beauty. The story continues and Landon discovers that Jamie has a Wish List - a list of random and fun things she wants to do in her lifetime. So he decides to try and grant some of her wishes. With Landon she learns to dance, gets a rub-on tattoo, stands in two states at once and he even makes a telescope for her. The sad news is that Jamie is dying of leukemia and shortly after they get married she dies. It was a sad movie (and honestly not even very good), however, I left that movie LoViNg the fact that Jamie had written done fun things she wanted to do in her life! I was like "How FUN is that???" 

(Here is a little idea of the movie... the parts where she is singing with the fancy is dress is during the "school play")

I went home and started my own Dream List. I had a little journal and I these are the first things I wrote down:

Swim with dolphins

Become a professional wedding photographer

Live somewhere besides MD

Go to Italy

Design a dress and sew it

Sing karaoke

Write a children’s book

I ran out of ideas after a few minutes of sitting there, and being 13 I thought "Hey, thats a good start." And that was that for a whole year. I honestly forgot I even did it untillllll, 

November 19, 2003 when the show "Ed" had a proposal episode. I never really watched "Ed" at all. I think I was waiting for another show to come on, cause I haven't even see this whole episode. I just saw the last five minutes and it was enough (you need to watch the video if you didn't.. its just so happy). It totally reminded me of my Dream List - that I hadn't touched in about a year. So, for the last few years I have been adding to that journal page. I finally decided that I needed to type it out, because there was no more room on that page. 

Quite a few photographer friends I know of have made a "101 in 1001" list - 101 things to do in the next 1001 days (Here are Jessica Claire's, Brienne Michelle's, and Melissa Jill's - this must be a girl thing haha). I debated on whether or not I would put my list up here or not. I really love to see when these ladies check something off! I love to read about and it's fun to see what they are all doing (even get ideas...). 

However, I have some things on my list that are either going to be surprises for other people, or things I want to just happen with no one else knowing I wanted it to, or things I just feeling dumb or prideful saying :) Sooo, I am going to compromise. I am going to share some of my list!

You can check most of the list here: My Dream List!

We will see how long it takes to do all of them ... I love having my list and it's been so fun to be able to check things off along the way. It's one of those things that is just plain fun. I get so excited when something gets checked off! I would highly recommend you make one too - even of its only ten things! It's the little things, everyone :)

Some of the recent things that I have been able to cross off are:

#20: Finding my name on road signs (I only have a picture of "Snyder" but I also found Leigh Street in California and Kristen Lane in GA)
#24: Learn to play a song on the guitar

Yay! So, I really have no musical gifting in me whatsoever. Singing, dancing, playing music, reading music, writing music - nothing. It's really bad. But I do love music and have always wished I could just pick up (or sit down in front of) an instrument and play something... well, one instrument down!
(I play with the real song on so I can stay on beat hahaha but the guitar you hear is 90% me - I can prove it cause the first notes are nothing that Colbie Caillat would do :)
I get jumpy when I am nervous. I also get jumpy when I am excited. So, I am pretty much jumpy in this vid  hahah

And, of course, I have to include number 19 and 87 :)
It is just so mind-blowing to me that I wrote those two things down years ago, and they actually happened - together. That wedding was absolutely a life-highlight! It's amazing how God works things together!!!

My latest entry I actually have not done yet. #103 is to see Brian Regan live. This man is so funny! He makes me choke from laughing so hard. This is one of my favorite bits (it's kind of long, but totally worth it!)

If you have lots of spare time, you can YouTube Brian Regan and find some pretttty sweet stuff! I especially like the UPS one and the Work-out one :)

Ok, ok, ok... it might seem odd that I am doing this large post about my dreams and all these videos and everything. Well, there is a reason for it! #31 is about to be checked off my list! Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta for my first destination wedding! I can.hardly.stand.it I am so excited!

The bride and her friends are such sweethearts and I am just dying to meet them! So, look for posts very soon from Atlanta!!!!!! Yaaaaay!!!!


  1. i love dream lists! and coolest thing is when your married you can make your hubby's dream list come true too, which is twice the fun ;) have a blast in atlanta!
    and let us know when you see Brian Reagan... its on our list cause we love the "me monster" :)

  2. the UPS one cracks me up too. especially the "girth" part. and i'm impressed with you singing vid. here. and like the random adium msg. notification sound effects! ha!

  3. Oh!! This is the sweetest post!!! :)
    I love your dream list! Definitely gives me some ideas for mine:)
    BTW....I think you can check off a couple more of those! "Meet a Celebrity" You met my cousins AND stayed at their house;) hehe!
    "Visit another church" You came to my church so that 08/07! We should go on a random road trip together!! I've wanted to do the SAME thing! And not turn on the GPS until we have NO clue where we are:)
    I love you and miss you!!! :)


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