Atlanta Day 1!

Well, I must say it again. Because it's true. MY JOB IS AWESOME!

I started my Atlanta journey at Dulles International Airport. I got my boarding pass, went through security, bought a taco, found my gate and read a book. I was being a very good little traveler. On time, not lost, organized and even met some nice people. "This is a happy little trip" I thought. It was time to board, and I grabbed my polka-dot carry-on and waited to get on the plane. "I hope you have a nice flight and a greaaat day!" the ticket-taker said. "Thank you - you too!" I walked through the little hallway that goes onto the plane and I felt wind. I came around the corner and I was outside. "Ummm."All of a sudden I realized that this was the kind of plane you get to walk on from the runway! Aaaaaah! I got SO excited! I was searched through my bag for my white sunglasses, because I just felt much cooler in them. "This is how an actress would do it." The breeze was gently blowing, the lady in front of me had on a sundress. I started playing a Regina Spektor song over and over in my head - like my personal sound track for the moment. I was just so excited to be outside the small, 12-row plane.

Well, if you think that was exciting - just wait to hear about the rest of the night :)I finally got to meet the beautiful bride-to-be, Heather. From the airport we headed straight to the Bacherlette Party. All the girls met at California Pizza Kitchen for laughter, memories, encouragement and tears, of course - they're girls. It was so sweet to listen to all these different people talk about Heather's impact on their life. Heather is just FULL of spunk, fun and joy.After dinner we went to the-Ashton-Kutcher-owned bowling alley. The place was so fun, so classy and so craaaazy loud! The girls had a fun time :)There was a real old-fashioned photobooth. I was madly in love.This whole bridal party is quite fun, terrible beautiful and such good friends to Heather! I love them!We are leaving for another full day of pre-wedding stuff... should be incredible!
Be back way late!


  1. Have a good trip and have fun shooting! If you have time, check out The Varsity. It's supposed to be THE best hot dog shop in Atlanta, not far from Georgia Tech.

  2. your hair looks long in that pic :D yeeeah happy!

  3. You gotta take the KG on your private Jet...


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