Oh, awww.

"I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you"

Yesterday I did an engagement shoot for Christy and Shaun. Now, I might write more than normal for the, because, well, I have a lot to say :)

When I was in highschool, Christy assisted our youth-pastor in basically making all events happen. She planned trips to Mexico, banquets for hundreds of people and monthly meetings and activities. She is just "that" person in a church that could do it all. I am suuuure that there were stressful times, but Christy has this calm, collected, pulled-together way about her that I was always in awe of. I don't remember seeing her flustered, upset or even very emotional. She just did what needed to be done and she did it excellently. She truly is a servant.All of my friends and I would, of course, be trying to figure out WHO on earth would marry Christy. We always had someone in our minds that we thought would be great with Christy. But, oh no no no, God had someone PERfect for her.I don't really know Shaun, but, oh.my.gosh. He has totally stolen Christy's heart, swung her off her feet, flown her to Cloud 9, melted her like wax and has made her act like I have NEVER seen before!She is like every stereo-typical "girl-in-love." She almost seems like a character in a movie - but movies aren't supposed to be real...
Christy is just glowing, smiling, laughing, "awww-ing", tripping, talking, gazing - all of it. This calm, collected, solid girl is now dancing around a park, giggling like a school girl with the boy of her dreams. Shaun must be quite a man. To top it off, when they first started going out, Christy really did not like him that much. In fact, about 3 weeks in she tried to break up with him. While she was talking and basically ending things he was thinking "Ooooh shoot." but he apparently handled it amazingly, because that conversation was the one where Christy started to realllly like him. As she was talking she was thinking "Oh goodness, what am I doing?!?!" Needless to say, God worked it all out quite well and I could not be happier for you two!

{coffe shop - landon pigg}

"I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you"
"Yes theres a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you."
"I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down""I want to come too""I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you"
"No one understands me quite like you do""Through all of the shadowy corners of me""I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop""I love so much"
"All of the while I never knew""I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop""I love so much""All of the while I never knew"
"I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you" "Yes, theres a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you.""I've seen the waters that make your eyes shine 
Now I'm shining, too"
"Because, oh because
"I've fallen quite hard over over you"
"If I didn't know you, I'd rather not know" "If I couldn't have you, I'd rather be alone"
"All of the while , all of the while
It was you"

Congratulations Christy and Shaun! I am so excited for wedding in two weeks!!!


  1. wow, you take great pictures! Nice job.



  2. Aww great pictures Kristen! haha I got to see the whole relationship up close since Christy is in my caregroup...I was there in that caregroup meeting where she was really struggling and wanting to break up with him. Amazing how the Lord works!

  3. awww, YES this IS a very special couple. like you, i often wondered about who christy's man would be and i hoped and prayed that he would come along soon! hearing about her relationship brought me such joy and i'm so excited for her to be married to a wonderful guy! thanks for giving those of us across the country a glimpse into christy's "girl-in-love"ness! :)

  4. oh my goodness.
    Praise the Lord for Christy's man.
    and I LOVE the B&W under "I love so much" and the sunset one under "Now I'm shining too."

    Great job!

  5. what can i say but "eeee!"

  6. These are all beautiful, my goodness you have talent! I just love the lyrics idea.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE ur style!!!! amazing! i totally need to tag along with you for a day nd learn all ur deepest darkest secrets! haha

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  9. Kristen,

    those are beautiful. i think that is one of my favorite engagement posts in the history of photography!



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