"Mm. I love this...part"

"Everything is all right, everything is so bright
And the sun is shining beautiful""Everyone is singing, everyone is dreaming
Every world is so colorful"
I did this engagement shoot for Jennifer and Sam the same day as I did Val and Jimmy. Now, that day was rouuuugh for me. As you probably know by now, I am pretty lousy when it comes to driving directions. But, I actually made it down to DC great and was right where I was supposed to be! One.slight.problem. Every one else was too. I think every person who lived in DC, MD, VA, Japan and Germany - and their moms - were all at the Cherry Blossom festival this weekend.
I totally understand why, cause it is just beautiful!
Well, my first shoot was supposed to start at 2:45, and I got to the city at 2:30. An hour, and about 2 miles later, my gas tank was below "E" and beeping at me. I didn't know what to do. Actually, there was nothing to do. I was on a one-way, single lane street, bumper to bumper. There was no where to turn around, no where to pull over, no where to get help. My poor couple was waiting for me, no parking space was in sight, I had another couple to meet in an 1 1/2 hour, I was about to have no gas at all.
You know those moments that just hit you? Everything just welled up and my stomach was squeezing, my arms felt watery, my head felt like it had sand in it, my lips were dry, my nose itched (but that probably had nothing to do with the traffic), and I just wanted my car to evaporate into thin air so I could take these pictures! I was determined not to cry. So, I turned on some Christian music. "Lord move (moOoove), or move me!" blasted from the radio. "Just move the other cars!" I said out loud. I left the music on and sang to Chris Tomlin and prayed that I would not run out of gas. I also called the couples and they happily agreed to just walk my way and do pictures wherever I found a spot. It was still another 45 minutes before I found a spot, but God kept my car running (I know there was nothing left in that tank!). I was actually so excited when I got out that I jumped up the curb and did this little run/dance/skip thing with all my camera equipment and then rolled my ankle and fell all over the grass. I like to think that I cheered up the day of the many, many people who saw me :)All that to say, I was feeling a little "less than inspired" by the time I got to the shoot - but instantly, Jennifer and Sam got me right back in the swing of things.It made me all mushy inside when I saw how Jennifer looked (and looked and looked) at Sam. It was hard for her to take her eyes off of him.Sam is such a wonderful man - and he makes Jennifer weak at the knees, and I can almost feel her heart beating, she is so happy when they are together. He is also quite pleased when she is in his arms :)Their wedding is going to be beautiful - springtime in the city, with a tented reception. I can hardly wait!!!

Congratulations Sam and Jennifer!

The day ended up being wonderful AND while I was shooting these two, Val and Jimmy went to get me gas! I have the best couples EVER!


  1. Wow what a story! Glad you made it there in one piece, and so nice of Val & Jimmy to gas up your car! Nice job with your photography in the end :)

  2. wow, i LOVE the first one soooo much!

  3. wow, i had no idea the story was that crazy. thanks for your help on Sunday.

  4. 1 word for you

  5. To make a long story short Sunday Madi asked why I didn't have you take our picture. I told her you were busy. She shook her head and said 'That pic won't be very good' Why? cause your a professional!

  6. Anonymous1.4.08

    great job!! i love these. i think you are EXCELLENT in engagement shoots. :)


  7. these are great!! awesome job :)


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