Hello everyone!
Well, cruise life is very wonderful... very, very wonderful :)

I have had so much fun swimming, getting a tan, drinking daiquiri's, getting massages, line-dancing with grandma's, zip-lining through real rain forests (as opposed to DisneyWorld rain forests), getting a tan, watching movies and live Big Band, shopping in aDorAbLe little towns, fainting and being rushed to the Med Station, eating some amazing food, getting a tan and missing home :)
We have been doing so much everyday that I am having a hard time staying awake past 9:00... I am starting to make a name for myself on this ship as "the girl who can sleep anywhere." hahaha
I have so much more to write about and you can count on a stellar post when I get home to explain all that, but right now I need to go see the guys playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on their violins and guitars, or maybe I will go climb the rock wall. Tim wants to race me. hmmm... the whirl pool is sounding awesome too....

Don't miss me too much, cause I will be home soon! :)


  1. you would slip that in. miss your face. please don't make me look too pasty in comparison to your tan-ness. maybe you could bring back some rub on? baha

  2. katie.v22.3.08

    getting tan...getting tan...getting tan!! aahh sounds like a blast!!

  3. ok, super super jealous! sounds like your having an amazing time! can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Anonymous23.3.08

    sooooo Jealous!!! sounds SO SO SO AWESOME!!!! come home SOON. :)

    Julie :)

  5. Anonymous24.3.08

    KRISTEN!!! MISS U SO SO SO MUCH!!!! please dont be to tan when you get back! CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME HOME!!! and see all your pictures. GOSH!!! we all miss you SOOOOOOOO much!!!!
    with <3
    ur bestest SIS :D
    aka KATIE

  6. OHHHHH MY GOSH!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO jealous!! wow. you are sooo tan! ugh! i was wondering why i felt farther away from you and missing you more than usual! now i know!!!
    Call me when you get back!!
    miss you and love you:)

  7. Hahahahahaaha! Cruises are the best. ;-) Nice tan! You almost look ready to be a California girl..... *hint hint hint*


    I miss you!


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