Hello and GOOOD-Bye!!!!

Hello everyone! It's been a crazy weekend, but my two weddings are done!
Christy and Shaun were amazing and I will post more soon :)

But, I really have to go now. I need to catch my plane to Aruba :D

I am exhasuted and have been up most the night, but, oh jeez, I am SO excited!!!

See you when I get back! I will try to get extra tan for you :)


  1. Anonymous17.3.08

    where are u going again kristen????? hahahaha! thx again for letting me tag along yesterday!

  2. you are going to LOvE it!!!! I did. :) Hope you have fun. when you get back, i must do a wedding with you. it is mandatory. :) !!!!!!!!

  3. im very excited.. have fun in arugala.

    when you get back - i'd like to talk about forming an alliance between stacey nicole productions
    and kristen leigh photography.

  4. Oooh! I'm so jealous - in the so-happy-for-you-can't-wait-to-hear-about-it way. :-)

    I miss you and your crazy face. :-) CALL ME when you get a chance. You rock. Enjoy tanning! SOOOO much better than WPPI!



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