Christy and Shaun!

Well, I am kind of sad. I found this AwEsOmE song to use for this post. It's by Bebo Norman, one of my favorite artists, and it's called "Sunday" - which was perfect because Christy & Shaun were married two Sundays ago.
However, I could only find a 30-second clip of the song on all the playlists. Oh well, you can just read the insanely beautiful lyrics and make up your own tune!

"Day is fading, but baby, I don’t mind
‘Cause sunlight is dancing in your eyes""And time is frozen but somehow flying by
Here with your hand holding mine"
"It just feels right kissing on a Sunday
I’ll hold you tight as if it were the last day""With all my might, I will keep the world away
It just feels right kissing you on a Sunday""Time is racing to the sound of my heart beating
Can the dreaming escape this life""Unfair, maybe, but know that I’m not leaving""Right now, baby, life is kind""Make this moment last for a lifetime
Don’t let it slip away""Play it over and over like your favorite song"
"And we’ll fit forever in a day"So pretty, right?
Well, not as stinkin' pretty as Christy was!!!

Well, anyways, now my post is a little out of order, so lets go back to the beginning of the day :)
The day was very pretty, but also very windy. The girls were literally screeching in the wind and it made me laugh so hard!But, they were troopers and we got some fun shots :)The boys were much more cool and suave about the weather. Don't they like niiice?
Last lip-stick application as a single!!! Aaaaah!!!
hahahaAnd here they are in their happiness.
I have shot many, many times in our church, but this wedding had some cool red lights that I was loving.This one is just intense :)
Ok, and here is one last sweet dance moment
Christy and Shaun, I love you guys SO much. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day - your love for each other makes me smile so big, and I love to just watch you two be together.

And, SPECIAL thanks to Lydia Jane and LensFlare Photography for assisting me - you are the best!


  1. Nicole Neff26.3.08

    Kristen, this has to be my FAVORITE wedding of yours so far! You took such a great variety of interesting shots that made me want to look at each picture a little closer. By the way, I've been blog stalking you for a while, but I think this is my first comment. You rock!

  2. wow, awesome pics. I too love the variety! Very cool piano shot. I love that one of the guys! Popin color in the flowers, and the backlight in no. 1 is awesome and very soft...I'm lovin these.

  3. ellie27.3.08

    great job!!


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