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Ok, this is, again, a very long post - sorry it took me so long to do it! I had to go through many pictures and figure out exactly what I wanted to say :)

So, the rest of the wedding pictures are of the cocktail hour and reception :)

They had really yummy drinks - Pomegranate Tea, Arnold Palmer and a peach something. It was so refreshing haha
Right when the ceremony ended, this incredible California glow landed on the whole area. It was so warm and sunny, and made for some yummy light!
Aaaaah. I want to go back to that moment. It was just so happy watching everyone drinking their cute little drinks, and wearing their cute little dresses and laughing, and, ugh, it was just beautiful.
I looked over at one point, and away from everyone else, the bride and her sister were dancing together - and all three of them were singing and laughing. It was too precious :)Slowly the sun sank, and an impeccable evening followed.The reception was in what was basically a barn mixed with a sunroom. It was all rustic and adorable, but had floor to celing glass windows all the way around. Plus, on one side there was no wall at all - it was just open, so you could feel the breeze...
Brittany and Rod were sweeter than ever, and I spent most the evening just watching them interact.
Rod wrote Brittany a song, and sang it for her (possibly one of the most romantic things ever). He actually has a very, very nice voice and is a fabulous guitar player - I wish the song was recorded, cause I would love to listen to it again!
The night ended with a slideshow and an awesome jazz band, with swing dancing. It was just a perfect day :)
Congratulations Rod and Brittany!!!

Ok, I would be a total idiot if I did not talk about the people I "worked with" at the wedding.
Jessica Claire and David Jay are my heroes in photography. I honestly in my wildest, most imaginative dreams (and I have HUGE dreams) would never have thought that I would be shooting a wedding with them, especially being 18.
It was officially David Jay's wedding, and he was SO kind to let me come. He has been so wonderful in talking to me, answering questions, commenting on my blog and being very generous with his knowledge. It was seriously an honor to shoot with him.
Jessica Claire. Jeez, I don't quite know where to begin.
When I was 15 I was sure I was going to do sign language. I was about to take my 3rd year of it in highschool, and I was preparing to make my way quickly through school, to start working ASAP. I had just "finished" a long process of deciding what I wanted to really do/pursue after highschool. The main four things were writing, teaching disabled kids, sign language and photography. I had shot a wedding, bought a camera a completely loved photography (and weddings, my goodness, I love weddings). But, looking at wedding photographers in my area and looking at the "business" of it, I wasn't thrilled. I picked sign language, and in my stubborn nature, was determined not to change that. Until, that was, I found Jessica Claire's blog.

I was roaming around one afternoon and somehow found this lady - this lady who was, in my mind, a perfect photographer. Her pictures were exactly what wedding pictures should be. Over the next few weeks I found David Jay, Sarah Barlow, [b], Jasmine Star and the Boutwell's.

I dropped out of Sign Language III, bought my camera and began this adventure of a life. So, to be able to shoot with this amazing woman who basically changed my mind career-wise is a dream come true, to say the least. Jessica, THANK YOU for your inspiration and kindness to me!!!

Now, I have been getting tons of e-mails from people asking me how I was able to shoot this wedding, with these "greats." Well, as the saying goes "it's not what you know, it's who you know." My friend Josh Newton invited to come along, because he was also shooting the wedding and knows the bride's family really well. He knew how much I loved California and wanted to shoot with these people. I can't thank him enough for the invitation! He is also a super-talented photographer, himself!
There were also so greaaaat videographers there too. Jonathon, Brett and Paul rocked that wedding!So, after the wedding we all went to DJ's house ("The Freedom House") I just has to photograph some of my favorite parts :)

He has these little wire men that are randomly on different walls - they make my day.He has a real orange tree. With real awesome tasting oranges.His bathroom floor has polka dots on it. hahahahah that totally kills me hahaI think his kitchen is adorable. It's such a girl kitchen haha but, really, its awesome...
This is a sneak peek at one of the things we did at his house....Oh! And Jessica Claire have Brienne her very own personal ShootSac. Brienne was basically on Cloud 9 :)
This would be why I want to move to Cali. It looks like this in stinkin' February!!!!
And here are a few more favorites that Brienne took of me and Nat :)Phew! That was a long one - probably too long, but, oh well :) I enjoyed myself THAT much!


  1. You are such a lucky girl to have been given that opportunity! It looks like it was an amazing time. Thanks for telling your story so that the rest of us can feel like we were there =)

  2. You're such a doll! Thanks for coming out and definitely move to SB! It's heaven on earth!


  3. Holy Moly! Looks like you had a wonderful time and your pictures capture the beauty out in California perfectly!

    Miss you!

  4. 2 things:

    1: you are NOT moving to California!! That is totally out of the question

    2: I MISS YOU!!! :) Soon, we need to get together. very excited about the sneak peek! haha, somebody's going to be mad at me. :) I know what it is.

  5. Yay! We love love loved having you guys out here. :-) Move asap! California NEEDS you.

    You and i totally need to g/vid-chat about post processing too, btw. ;-)

    Still haven't heard from Mr.DJ up there. :-( You might have to let him know for me that I'm trying to get in touch with him to drive up there to pick your stuff up!

    Love ya!

  6. i can just smell california from this post!

  7. Wow. I just stumbled across your blog, I found a link from Jessica Clair's blog, and I am AMAZED girl! Your pictures are fabulous! I honestly feel as if I were there... the color, the detail, the expressions, the EVERYTHING is so wonderful! Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to see more of your work.

  8. LOVE the images!!!!!! (BUT your blog takes FOREVER to load....)

    Shooting with DJ and Jessica is a dream come true .... can I live the dream? ;-)


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