I love friends :)

I have been a slow blogger this week. My b.

But, the reason it has been is slow is because I have been doing stuff with lots of AWEsome people, so I am going to show some blog-love to the fine folks in my life :)

First, I met with Armin Defiesta yesterday to talk photography. His cutie-pie daughter, Jordan, was there and it was great to talk about photography and our area. DC is still quite traditional and formal, and its interesting to watch a totally different style start to come through :)I need to say a quick "Hello and I miss you!" to Julie who has been in Mexico for basically forever.
And a "shout-out" to my KG - you all are my favorite :)
Also, I have been packing for California, which I am super excited about! It's crazy to me how God works things out. Here is my little story....

Some odd years back, David Jay started his awesome photography business and had such a heart to help other people. He was/is amazingly successful. Instead of keeping his "secrets" to himself, he has been so kind and generous with his success. I found his blog and website in 2005, through Jessica Claire's. I was in love with his pictures, and I thought he had a real fun personality. Well, once when I was on his blog, I saw a link for Sarah Barlow. Come to find out, he had really mentored and helped her in photography.Sarah is an awesome, awesome woman of God who is just as - if not more - generous than DJ. I started e-mailing her, because I was so inspired by this 18-or-19ish year old girl who was doing so well. I eventually asked to intern with her and she totally welcomed me into her life.
She taught me so much, and every second of my time with her was wonderful. We laughed, cried, talked, and became such great friends. She sent me home with a whole bunch of knowledge, and even more memories.When I got home, a girl I kind of knew, named Chavia, asked if she could "intern" with me. She totally ran with everything I showed her and she is doing exceptionally well! She already has booked a quite a few weddings, just months after she started her business!Then, last week a girl in my old highschool, named Lauren, interned with me during "Internship Week" at school. We had a week of shoots, editing and fun :)

Now, when DJ started his business, and helped Sarah Barlow, he probably would not have ever thought that little "no-namers" in suburbia Maryland, like me, Chavia and Lauren, would have been so impacted by him and his generosity. So, to both of you, THANK YOU. You really haven't got a clue how big you are in my life! God is too kind to me :)

I am going to be in California shooting with DJ, so you can DEF expect pictures from that!
Natalie and I are sitting in the airport right now, waiting for our plane (duh). I think we are annoying everyone. We have been called "e
nergetic" and one lady was like "So, exactly how old are you two...?" It's ok. We're being good.

We just are singing on escalators, dancing in line for food and doing videos at the gate. N.B.D. I am also watching [b] school videos - any and all photographers NEED to watch them. Super, super helpful!
Have an awesome possum weekend!


oh! ps, its natalie's birthday TOday!


  1. Geez Kristen, you are a total GOOF!! Tell your friend Natalie HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Good luck in California and tell DJ that us East Coast Photogs are about to give the West Coast a run for their money later this year! And thanks for the blog shout out!

  2. Sounds like you are getting in with the best of the best when it comes to photographers. Congrats on your growing business. Armin has truly helped us so much. Have fun in California!

    And the [b] school blog rocks!

  3. um wow you are so crazy? i don't think I would that much humility to dance in the airport, but oh well. :) love you and miss you!

  4. lol Yay! i am on ur blog! funny post! and thnks for lettin me intern w/ you! can you help me out some day w/ lightroom? i am struggling a bit! have a good trip!

    Wave when you fly through Chicago!!

  6. Erin B7.2.08

    can i just say i'm jealous? i know i shouldn't say things like that, but still. oh, and i <3 you. can i be a model for you? lol

  7. i love your kg leaders &
    they love you :)
    beautiful branches.
    have fun in cali.

  8. Have fun in Cali. If you have time stop by my grandma's house in LA. I'm sure she would love to make you some apple pie or something. Happpppy Birthday Natalie!!!!!!

  9. i just wanted to say hi! i am a photographer here in hosuton and i will be moving to dc this fall. i look forward to meeting you at a pug meeting!

  10. Anonymous7.2.08

    AWESOME!!! You gotta tell me how Cali goes!! man i wish i could be in Cali soo bad!! thanks for the shout out i was gone for like ever. haha. Happy bday nat!

    Julie :)

  11. So excited to have you in SB! You're never going to want to leave so pack a big bag!


  12. So cool - thanks for sharing this!

    And I totally agree about the bschool videos - they are awesome!!!



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