First Day!

I am so in love with California. And huge palm trees. And, oh, I don't know, sunshine!!!
Natalie and I are just LOVing this place. We literally were grinning from ear-to-ear like goofs when we got off the plane. Brienne Michelle (our beautiful, generous, talented and all-around awesome host) met us at the airport. We made her take a quick pic of us with a "palm-frond." She made a mix for our ride home, with California songs, country music and Justin Timberlake. We talked all about everything (like ALLL the famous people she knows, or went to school with, or worked for, etc, etc). Her husband being one of them - he plays french horn and his music was on the trailers for "King Kong" and "Spider Man." Her other good friend auditioned for a Disney movie and the Disney people were picking between her and Vanessa Hudgens. Yes, Brienne's friend was almost "Gabriella" in High School Musical!!!

Ok, so what have we done. Since we have been here we have been quite busy.
Brienne, her husband Preston, and their friends Jared and Nate went bowling with us.We are all really hard-core bowlers. I mean, if I were you I wouldn't mess with me and my mad bowling skills. They are almost as mad as my singing skills ;) In all seriousness, the guys and Brienne were real good and put us to shame!
But they were so funny, that Nat and I couldn't help but have an awesome time :)Next post: Santa Barbara!!!

OHHH! ps. California is way cool. Here is one reason why. Whenever you drive under a tunnel, you honk! It's so flippin fun. Nat and I were so confused. We get to this tunnel and everyone starts honking and revving their engines and I was like "WHAT on earth is going on???" I was looking for police-men or a fire or a car in the way or something! Brienne was like "Oh, whenever you go under a tunnel you honk." Totally cool. I think I am gonna bring that back to MD. Its so fun.


  1. looks like you are having an awesome time!

  2. Sophie8.2.08


    Honking in tunnels? That sounds like fun!

  3. I love cali too.. the workshop here was awesome. i need to blog about it later... btw, you don't want to mess with me or wife in bowling though.


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