Day 2

Daaaay 2 has been incredible.Natalie, Brienne and I woke up this morning at their house in LA and then drove to Santa Barbara. idhkbfciukdsjbviekjdsinkvn. iuwiuv. Santa Barbara makes me stinkin' happy.
The car ride was also way fun. We have had some delicious Cali food - and enjoying ourselves a ton.So, orange orchards smell beautiful. I was sitting in the back seat of Brienne's car, drinking a Green Tea Peach smoothie, listening to Tyrone Wills, sniffing thousands of oranges on a 80 degree day - and I teared up. I was SO happy. I feel dumb being so happy over this, but I am just happy. I keep telling everyone that this be what it feels like to be in love, cause I can't imagine being happier haha :)
I love California.

And I also love Brienne. She is making this whole trip possible!!! She was won my "Human of the Week" award haha
It's actually pretty cool, because she just got an opportunity to shoot with one of her heroes, Melissa Jill, tomorrow. She just left for Palm Springs and should have a grand time!Alright, so here are a few more random snaps from today...

I love California.
Good night, life :)
I am going to sleep now!

Wedding with DJ tomorrow!!!


  1. yup. i'm jealous. i love So Cal.

  2. Way cool, have fun tomorrow! Wow so I got hang with Mike Colon & Bob Davis (and dinner too!) and you get to shoot with DJ & Jessica Claire tomorrow... great weekend for the DC area photographers!!!


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