They're growing up so fast :)

Today I did a shoot for an all-time favorite family. The youngest is getting big so fast and his mom wanted some pictures of her precious, precious boy.
Kyle is such a gentle giant. He is so big, but very sweet and has a smile that will melt you.
I love Jason Reeves's "You In A Song" and I thought it fit Kyle perfectly :)


"Trying to figure out
Which way I want this to go...""Do I want it to be happy or sad
Or fast or slow?""Trying to work it out
What it is I feel""Do I wanna rock you, shock you,
Soothe you or move you?""I just wanna write you in a song"
"Put your smile on paper""So you can sing along""I just wanna bottle the sun""Keep your light a secret""I can find when you are gone..."


  1. ~:Sophie:~24.1.08

    He is SO adorable!

  2. so cute! look at those thunder thighs.

  3. Hey, I saw you on Sarah Barlow's blog and I really like your style. Way cute. Haha.


    P.S. Did you get that lens flare in the picture on the last post or was it added in PS?


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