My Mommy

Ok, where do I start.... Let's see. I guess that I will just dive in.

My mom is unbelievable.
She enjoys life to the fullest. Growing up she had a practically perfect life. The stereotypical, All-American childhood. She hoped that the rest of her life would go the same way. She headed off to a nice, Christian college with the hopes of finding "the one" and getting married shortly after. Ha.My mom was young, beautiful and very, very fun. She followed God with her whole heart, worked hard in school and was an awesome friend. I love to look through my mom's albums and see all the adventures that she and her friends went on.
She eventually graduated and became a nurse.
In the Army.I adore these pictures of her - this little 5-foot-4 blonde at boot camp. Hahah. I think that God knew that she would need Army training to prepare her for the life He was going to give her! haha

As the years passed, my mom wondered more and more when "he" would come. She loved her life, and was able to travel a lot and make many memories, but she longed to be married and have children. Her 12-year-wait finally ended :) God miraculously weaved these two lives together in a story that only He could write.
When my mom was 30, she married my dad and thus began her even crazier life. She loved children, and as a nurse worked with children. She is so tender and has such a way with kids. I love that about her!3 months before my parents first anniversary I was born (not my parents plan!), but my mom was an incredible mother. I look back on my childhood with seriously fond, hysterical and awesome memories. She would never have chosen to have 7 kids herself, but she wanted to live for God more than to have an "easy" life. I could not be more grateful for my six siblings. Having them has honestly made me who I am today. I have learned to love & serve by watching and helping my mom, but I have also had so much fun. Our life together really, really is complete fun!I feel like I have had everything. We haven't had this rigid, tight schedule growing up, but rather have gone on "adventures" and had a ball! She would let us climb the highest trees, make forts that covered the entire basement and make messes in the kitchen to "help" her. Once Katie, my little sister, drew these huge smiley faces all over the walls - most moms would be very upset, but my mom didn't want to paint over the pictures because she thought they were so cute!
We made costumes out of her sheets, broke her glassware and lost her "good tools." Once Timmy and Katie had a food fight with chili and they were in BIG trouble - chili was all over the kitchen. But, before she sent them to their room she grabbed a spoon and flicked chili at them too haha.
There is nowhere she would rather be than cheering at our games. She is most excited when we win, and most encouraging when we lose. She does stupid stuff (like, really dumb stuff sometimes!!!!) but knows how laugh about it.

The scariest day of my life was when my dad called us down for a family meeting. He prayed to start the "meeting." When we opened our eyes after he said "Amen" mom was crying. Something was not good. Our mom had breast cancer. The only people I had ever known who had had cancer, died - including my grandparents. I was horrified. Our rock and mom was sick. As the church, and our friends came together to help our family get through one very rough year, I saw my mom throw herself into her Savior's arms. She trusted Him with everything.

I remember the first day she really looked sick. I came running in the door after a class and went straight to her room. She was asleep and all I could see was a little bald head poking up out of some covers. But, in typical mom fashion, she didn't let us worry, in fact she made her sickness a memory. We would order wig-magazines and look through them together to pick a good one. In fact, she bought a big-curly-rainbow-clown-wig and often wore that to parties or just around the house. I hope that I would respond to trials like that - instead of becoming depressed, that I would love God more, smile bigger and do something ridiculous and fun! haha
Happily, my mom is cancer-free and life is very, very normal - Praise God!
She still laughs the hardest at a joke, she thinks my dad is just the funniest human alive and she can laugh at herself!
Her advice to new moms is always the same thing. Its never "Get them on a schedule quickly" or "Don't do this, don't do that" but "Hold your baby as much and as long as you can." She misses us being little and wants to take life slow and enjoy it.I could go on and on and on about her. Like how she went to every youth event, retreat, etc with me. How she gives me ideas and advice that are so helpful in my business. How she sings along to "Taylor Swift" with all of us in the car. How lets spends most of her life in her car, happily driving us to our dreams. But, I will close with this last story:

When I was in 7th grade we were watching a show called "The Jamie Kennedy Expirament" which is basically an elaborate prank show that is absolutely hysterical. Mom and I were laughing together and during a commercial break she said "See Kristen, he had something he loved to - pranks and making people laugh - and he found a way to make it a career. I bet people told him he couldn't do it, but look at him now!" I think back to that conversation often. She has always wanted me to do what I love. She has been my biggest encourager with photography. I can't wait to show her my pictures and blog-posts, because she is so exited for me. She pushes me to pursue this dream I have, and she could not be more thrilled for me. She is so selfless and is such a big part of my business and life. Whenever I hear these lines from the Sugarland song, I think of her:

"I ain’t settlin’ just gettin’ by
I’ve had enough "so-so"
For the rest of my life
Tired of shootin’ too low
So raise the bar high"

She wants me to be an excellent photographer, not a "so-so" one. I have no words to thank her for that! And for everything that I have learned from her.
She makes me so excited to eventually be a wife & mom, and she has truly lived a life worthy of the gospel!

So, as you can see, there is so much I could say about my mom- but you'd just have to meet her yourself to see how awesome she is =)Mom, I LOVE you - you are so precious to me!!!!


  1. I love you, Mrs. Snyder!! Thanks for all the times we just talk and laugh on the phone when Kristen's not home and I've called for the 20th time. You're the best! :)

  2. I don't know HOW I missed your last post, but um...I Love your shoes. And I love this post about your mom. She has raised one amazing daughter in you, girl.

  3. lovely. :)

    Mrs. Snyder, thanks for being such an example to me. I want to be a mom like you who gives your life away for your family and loves every second doing it! thank you.

  4. Kristen,
    that was beautiful.

    Mrs. Snyder,
    I love you so very much!

  5. Kristen that was a sweet, touching and inspiring post. Your mom should be proud, and I'm sure she is! :)

  6. That was really beautiful... Your mom is a lover and a fighter! May God continue to bless your entire family!

  7. thanks for this post. i'm humbled and inspired by the story of your mother.

  8. thanks for posting this. very neat.

  9. This is so beautiful. Your mom sounds amazing, and so blessed to have a daughter like you.

  10. what an awesome story. your mom really is a trooper, and you too, for being her support. i know too well the burdens of watching a family member fight cancer. it is so awesome that your family has won the battle. rock on.

  11. Courtney16.1.08

    Hi Kristen,
    I ran across your blog from Sarah Barlow's and just from the posts that I've read so far you seem like an amazing young woman! You are great at photography and your pictures inspire me to pursue my photography even more!
    This post was soooo sweet and I can totally understand because I have the greatest mother too! I am so glad that your mother's cancer is gone and that you will have (Lord willing) many many more memories with her! She seems very similar to my mother and I am so thankful that we are both the daughters of amazing women. :)
    Just wanted to let you know that I think you are an amazing person and that I love your blog and your heart for the Lord!
    God bless,

  12. Aw what a sweet girl you are to honor your mom this way! I got goose bumps reading made me think of my mom and made me appreciate even more being one myself :)

  13. Kristen, what a wonderful post! Sue, a well deserved honor, every word of it is truth. xo Kim

  14. Kristen, we just now found you, but you create such incredible imagery - great stuff here, really! and I love your love for your mom - so wonderful and great to hear about. keep rockin it!

  15. Kristen,
    Thanks for this post on your Mom. Believe it or not my husband and I still pray for her every morning along with other prayer request. It's good to hear she is cancer free!
    Bless you for your love for your Mother!
    Mrs K

  16. Laura17.1.08

    Wow... what a wonderful Mom! I haven't met her but reading your post def. makes me want to ;) Maybe one day!

  17. what an amazing tribute to your mother. So glad that she is able to hear how you feel about her. Thanks for sharing your heart.


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