D Maaan

So, this very moment I am baby-sitting and watching "Lightnen MaQueen" with a pretty cutie-pie kid. I had to take some shots of Deacon cause he is just too adorable."Hey Kristen! Take, take a picture of dis!" This is Bernie, Deacon's puppy :)And these are Deacon's out-of-this-world-eyes

I hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful day, cause I sure am!


  1. That kid is really cute! His parents must be gorgeous.

  2. No Bob, he got his great looks from his mom.

  3. Dana Piv9.1.08

    Absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Awwww..... I love looking at your stuff. :-) It just makes me happy inside. :-)

  5. Very cute Kristen! I love his eyes!

    You need to "babysit" us soon. :)

  6. The last two are my favorite... =) the 2nd to last one his eyes really pop out... wow...
    and the last one... uhm. Kristen? I think next holiday season you might want to only eat 3 whole hams and 2 turkeys instead of 5 hams and 3 turkeys.. cuz in all honesty, I think they did quite a number on your physique

  7. Thanks so much for taking pics of our Deacon. It has brought much joy to us, our family, and friends. You're awesome!


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