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There are so many "types" of love-stories. The "love at first sight" stories, the "best friends who grew up together" stories. The "one who got away, but came back" stories. I decided that my favorite kind, however, are the "high school sweetheart" stories.
Dan and Debbie met junior year in high school, and liked each other pretty instantly. It's been a few years now, they are getting married and they are more in love than ever! It's so, so sweet to see!

We went to the place where "it all started" - their school :)

"Well we go back so far,
swingin in your back yard"
"All the things that we used to do""We were cool back in high school
"Ooh, I really liked you""Must have been your attitude""That’s why you keep on running
In and out of my mind"
"As the years they’ll roll by""Baby, now I know why
I keep coming back to you""You’re the only one that knows me""Love it when you hold me,
Never find a love like this"
"Let me hear you say,
Now I’ll never be lonely""Look at what you’ve shown me,
Never find a love like this""Well, this life tries to keep us apart
You keep calling me back to your heart" "Let me hear you say,
I'm so glad you found me"
"Wrap your world around me"
"Never find a love like this"

ps. It was about 15 degrees outside and windy as anything - Dan and Debbie were such great sports!


  1. Anonymous21.1.08

    Kristen, these are great! good job braving the cold!

  2. Anonymous21.1.08

    DAN AND DEBS!!! absolutely love these. especially the one of debbie on dan's shoulders. and the site is very appropriate. yay :)

  3. SOO cute!!! love that they are back at the school... love them :)

  4. Anonymous22.1.08

    i say this always... LOVE the editing! hopefully i'll learn some of ur skill in my classes this year!


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