Christmas Break

Right after Christmas my family headed south for some Virginia fun :)
My brother had a bball tourney in Richmond, so we had a mini-vacation in the colorful city.The little town is the cutest thing you've ever seen and I made Katie come out with me in the cold to do a photoshoot :) She's a trooper I tell ya...

And, with those lovely faces, I conclude this post :)


  1. I LOVE Richmond. It's the best. :) Katie looks like you in the last 4. :) Very pretty katie! and you, very good photography.

  2. wups. i made a mistake. i didn't see the last 4. So Katie looks like you in the 4 before the last 4!!! :)

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  4. sARAHb5.1.08

    Your right! That is a colorful city! Wow!

  5. sarahb6.1.08

    Did your brother take the first picture? He's not in it. :)

    I love the 7th and 8th one of Katie alot! Lovely! sarahb

  6. I love the blue door with the glass. So so cute!

  7. the sixth to last is one of my favorite of Katie. Her expression, the color, her hair, her shoes...
    The colors in all of the pictures are lovely!

  8. hahah!! LOVE the colors!!!!

  9. I love the colors and textures! Fantastic pictures!


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